Reviews on the Run and TV Special Showdown

On the 10th of this month, Silverstar wrote a looking back review of C.H. Greenblatt’s Chowder and labeled it as a segment of “Reviews on the Run”. This got me thinking; that’s a good way to execute the RotR segments and keep them as reviews. From now on, Reviews on the Run will remain about reviews, but we’ll only be reviewing the shows that we’ve seen or care about. In other words, we’ll only be covering the shows that we choose to cover. We now know that we can’t please everyone and trying to do so by attempting to review every new series that comes down the pike was too much work for too little payoff (keep in mind that we are lazy) and that’s something that we definitely won’t be continuing.  Also, they won’t be blow by blow reviews, hence the name “Reviews on the Run”. Said shows don’t have to be new, nor do they have to currently be airing. In addition, the reviews don’t need to be limited to just shows; we could review a short or just a single episode of a series, if we so desire. Just general musings and us being geeky about cartoons. So it’s business as usual then.

Cue the rimshot.
Anyway, what about segment on TV specials then, you ask? Well, I’ve decided to do the TV special riffs as it’s own separate segment which  I’m tentatively calling TV Special Showdown. The Hanna-Barbera All-Star Comedy Ice Revue was the first of these segments, but it won’t be the last. So stay tooned.

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