The Retro Bin: Video Power (1990-1991)

Today, The Retro Bin spotlights a popular video game themed kids’ show from the 1990’s.

No, not that one. This one featured several different video game characters from different titles.
No, that was 80’s. This show featured several video game characters together as a team of action heroes.
Wrong again, but you’re getting warmer. In addition to the aforementioned cartoon segments, this show featured a live-action host and game show elements.
OK, I’ll turn over all the cards. The show in question is Video Power, an American television series that aired in two different formats from 1990-1992 in syndication.
Both formats of Video Power revolved around video games, and actor Stivi Paskoski presided over both series playing video game master Johnny Arcade, of the South Hampton Arcades, no doubt.
Season 1 Intro:
“DUUUUUDE! That was Funky, Funky Fresh!”
The first format of Video Power consisted of both live-action segments and cartoon segments from the Acclaim Entertainment-produced series, The Power Team.
The cartoon was an adventure featuring Johnny Arcade and a team of heroes from different NES games and a Game Boy game published by Acclaim: Max Force, a policeman from NARC; Kuros, the knight from Wizards and Warriors; Tyrone, a basketball player from Arch Rivals, because we all know how well pro athletes work as superheroes…

Kwirk, a tomato from the game of the same name;

“In that opening, Kwirk jumps out of an NES, but the game Kwirk was exclusive to the Game Boy! Johnny Arcade is a big fat lair!!”

…and Bigfoot, a monster truck that had its own video game. Yes, the monster truck was a member of the team.

“What’re you sayin’, buddy? That vehicles aren’t essential to the team dynamic? Well, good luck walking to your next mission, smart guy!”

The main enemy of each episode was mostly Mr. Big and his thugs, Joe and Spike, from NARC, while Malkil from Wizards and Warriors sometimes appears with the villains of NARC.

“Poseurs! If we suck so much, then why are these guys trying to rip us off?”

In the live action segments, Mr. Arcade would review and preview games that were currently out or forthcoming for consoles, as well as giving hints and tips for gamers that were having trouble achieving certain tasks in games. Sometimes he would go to an expo or a convention to show the booths of forthcoming titles. Viewers were also able to write into the show to receive hints.

For the show’s second season which began in the fall of 1991, the producers of Video Power completely overhauled its format and opening.

“DUUUUDE! the first theme was awesome, but that theme was TOTALLY BODACIOUS TO THE MAX!!!”

The Power Team were given the pink slip and the series was turned it into a game show. Johnny was joined by Terry Lee Torok, who served as his co-host and did more actual hosting that Arcade did, and Steve Treccase, the former Remote Control keyboardist who served as the leader of an in-house band that was added to the show as well. The game consisted of kids in the audience putting “Johnny on the spot” by asking him questions, a round of video game playing, a quiz, more game playing and a prize round. The winning player would….

…You know what? Who cares? This show was just 90’s cheese. That’s really all you need to know. Video Power was a very 90’s video game cash-in show. End of story. I’m out.

“HA-HA! In your face, producers!”

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