Nerdvana: The Ulti-Meatum

Today’s Nerdvana pays tribute to…a food. Not just any food, but the final word in heart palpitations….The Ulti-Meatum from Regular Show.

Mordecai And Rigby OOOOOO

Ultimeatum 2

The Ulti-Meatum is the burger featured in “The Best Burger in the World”. It’s the greatest culinary concoction since the commemorative 7-patty Windows 7 Whopper.

This was really a thing. Look it up.

In the episode, it was stated that the Ulti-Meatum only comes out once every century. It is served from the Grill ‘Em Up Truck by its head chef, Ajay Maldonaldo. Only one per customer is allowed.
The Ulti-Meatum is a large cheeseburger, cooked into a larger burger with two other burgers for buns. There are layers of cheese, Himalayan Ketchup, and other buns also inside. It is made by stuffing a cheeseburger inside a cheeseburger and using two deep fried cheeseburgers as buns. Then the special Himalayan Ketchup is added.
“Would you like the name of a good heart specialist with that?”
According to Muscle Man, the Idaho Style Ulti-Meatum is where the burger is made the same way, but with a whole bag of chips in it as well. Yep, Muscle Man likes it Idaho Style.
“You know who else likes it Idaho Style? MY MOM! -Seriously, she’s quite fond of those chips.”
But the most amazing thing about the Ulti-Meatum is that IT ACTUALLY EXISTS NOW. Inspired by the Regular Show episode, restaurants such as Mister Eaters restaurant of Preston, Lancashire and other ambitious eaters have taken to making their own versions of this 10,000 calorie leviathan. At Mister Eaters the sandwich is free, assuming you can eat the whole thing and live to tell about it.
So you don’t have to wait a century. If you can find a place crazy enough to prepare it, grab yourself an Ulti-Meatum today.
“It’s colon-cloggin’ good!”

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