Talkin’ Nerdy: Monster High Finds It’s Inner Witch

This is a follow-up to a rebuttal of a review that was written last October. For those who read Monster Mash: A Rebuttal, we noted that witches are one monster archetype that’s frequently left out of monster mashes, and that Mattel’s Monster High doll franchise lacked a witch student. Well, this year, it seems that Mattel has set out to fix this problem. Earlier this year, Mattel introduced a new character to the MH doll line: one Casta Fierce.

One of the mysteries of the universe: Why are green chicks usually hot?

We say, it’s about friggin’ time. If MH is going to have a steampunk robot and a mermaid (who aren’t even monsters) as characters in it’s franchise, you have to have at least 1 witch.

“Witches are awesome, baby! And you know it! We’re green, we’re keen, get used to it! (OK, not all witches are green, but you get the general idea).”

Here’s the character profile from the Monster High Wiki:

Casta Fierce is a 2014-introduced and all-around character. She is a witch, specifically the daughter of Circe, and the leadsinger of The Spells. Aside from Casta, The Spells consist of three girls who are uniquely immune to Casta’s magic. Like her mother, Casta can turn anyone into any animal, but she has limited control over her powers. One misspoken word or unfortunately phrased sentence is enough to turn anyone hearing it into the matching animal. This has put a damper on her singing career, but Casta and her band keep making music as they look for solutions. Casta is a close friend of Catty Noir, a colleague of hers.

The daughter of Circe? Casta could have been the daughter of Baba Yaga, but Baba is already a character in Ever After High, and I suppose that Mattel wants to keep those 2 worlds separate.

Fun Fact:  The name Casta Fierce is inspired by Sasha Fierce, an on-stage alter ego of Beyoncé. Her hair is even styled the same way as Beyoncé’s was in the videoclip of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”, which is a song released as part of the I Am…Sasha Fierce album.

The Beyonce thing won’t become dated in a few years at all. Interesting, although personally I think that naming the character Casta Spell would have been funnier.


3 thoughts on “Talkin’ Nerdy: Monster High Finds It’s Inner Witch

  1. I'm not denying that Gill-Man is a monster. Heck, he's one of the Universal Studios classic movie monsters. But there's also a mermaid/ghost hybrid student at Monster High and mermaids aren't monsters. Mythical creatures, yes, but not monsters.


  2. Oh, I thought you were talking about Lagoona. Keep in mind that I'm not a Monster High fan, so I don't know everything about the franchise. But hey, in Pirates of the Carribean 4, those mermaids were pretty monstrous to me!


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