Why Grumpy Bear is Awesome!

  1. He’s taken it upon himself to be the edgy, brooding Care Bear.
  2. He finds the other Care Bears’ bright cheerful dispositions to be just as annoying as we do.
  3. He’s turned griping into a fine art.
  4. He’s dusty blue, a nice shade.
  5. In Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot, he was voiced by Scott McNeil.
  6. He once worked as an inventor, so he likes working with BIG TOOLS!
  7. He’s uttered phrases such as “Bumbling Blizterbugs!” and “Typhonic Typhoons!” un-ironically.
  8. Like the late, great Johnny Cash, he walks the line.
  9. He’s living proof that even the world of cutesy plush toys has a dark side.
  10. He once complained about having nothing to complain about.
  11. He can stand being around Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs for longer than 2 minutes (Trust us, that’s an achievement!)
  12. That stylin’ rain cloud Belly Badge (that sounds better than “Tummy Symbol”)
  13. He’s cute, just don’t ever let him hear you say that.

4 thoughts on “Why Grumpy Bear is Awesome!

  1. I would have expected this to air on Discovery Family, since Care Bears: Welcome To Care-a-Lot aired on the The Hub (and was canceled after a single season). This whatever-it-is is also supposed to be airing on Boomerang and on Pop (the animation channel in the United Kingdom, not the former TV Guide channel). The fact that the post said that this series will be coming to Pop and not it’s pre-school sister channel Tiny Pop would seem to suggest that this is meant to be aimed at a more general audience, perhaps.

    The characters’ designs look to be somewhat anime inspired. Don’t know what to make of that.


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