2 Funny: Holiday for Drumsticks

This has always been a favorite WB short of mine; it stars Daffy Duck (bonus). A blase hillbilly couple purchase Tom Turkey with plans to fatten him up for Thanksgiving dinner, but fellow barnyard resident Daffy swoops in and fast talks his way into grabbing Tom’s grub for himself. Hilarity ensues.

This short was directed by Arthur Davis, arguably the least celebrated of the boys of Termite Terrace, one reason for this could be because he didn’t do many shorts starring big name Looney Tunes stars (Davis only directed 1 Bugs Bunny cartoon, “Bowery Bugs”), but I always thought Davis did good work; he also directed another favorite short of mine, “What Makes Daffy Duck”, so I guess it’s safe to say that I enjoyed Davis’ take on Daffy. Here’s “Holiday for Drumsticks”.


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