Nerdvana: Southbound Pachyderm by Primus

This is hands down my all-time favorite song from the band Primus. Like Radiohead’s “Street Spirit” the music is very beautiful with a whimsical, almost dream-like quality to it, not to mention some truly kick-ass guitar riffs. The video for it is…interesting, but not what I personally picture. When I hear this song, the mental imagery I picture doesn’t in any way involve airplanes or clay-animated hunters in mini-tanks; the video I envision for this song is like a cross between a children’s book and a Raul Del Rio painting, think Rudyard Kipling meets Maurice Sendak meets Dr. Suess. Also, my imagery for this video takes place entirely at night, with lots of stars in the sky. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Enjoy “Southbound Pachyderm”.

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