Toons & Tunes: Be Polite

Here’s another Merrie Melody from The Looney Tunes Show, this one starring Mac and Tosh, aka the Goofy Gophers. One of the highlights of TLTS for me was how Mac here was voiced by Rob Paulsen and Tosh by Jess Harnell, making it an Animaniacs reunion of sorts, as Paulsen and Harnell voiced Yakko and Wakko Warner respectively. Funny thing about this segment: when it made its’ debut appearance on Cartoon Network, a lot of people derided it for being a treacly politically correct PSA, when in fact it’s actually a parody of treacly politically correct PSAs. Subtlety, folks; not everything has to be overblown. Anyway, here’s “Be Polite”.

I’ve gotta say, while the Gophers were good, it was Marvin the Martian who sold this one for me.


One thought on “Toons & Tunes: Be Polite

  1. It’s interesting how the joke songs in comedy shows often end up being very catchy tunes. “Be Polite” is a parody of PSAs, but the song is infectious. Also, that young female bank teller was kind of cute.


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