2 Funny: The Wacky Racers Go LIVE!

We first peeped this out on Hobbyfan’s blog, Saturday Morning Archives.

This is a pretty cool 2014 spot for Puegeot, which obtained the license for some of the characters from Hanna-Barbera and Heatter/Quigley’s Wacky Races for an ad campaign. In this spot, several of the Wacky Racers (Dick Dastardly & Muttley in car #00 the Mean Machine, the Slag Brothers in car #1, the Boulder Mobile, the Gruesome Twosome in car #2 The Creepy Coupe, The Red Max in car #4 the Crimson Haybailer, Penelope Pitstop in car #5 the Compact Pussycat, Sgt. Blast and Private Meekly in car #6 the Army Surplus Special, the Ant Hill Mob in car #7 the Bulletproof Bomb and Peter Perfect in car #9 the Turbo Terrific) make a daily drive difficult for an ordinary motorist in a Puegeot. The catch: this spot is in LIVE-ACTION.

Apparently, this ad aired in Europe only. Pity.

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