2 Funny: Street Fighter Red Tape

Today’s April Fool’s Day–the day for pranks, jokes and general tomfoolery. (Though for us every day is kind of like that.) In the spirit of this occasion, we present a series if vignettes by comedian Pete Holmes as a bureaucrat giving the combatants from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 franchise the blues. Here’s Street Fighter Red Tape. All 8 of them.

RYU (feat. Mark-Paul Gosselaar)

VEGA (feat. Thomas Middleditch)

BLANKA (feat. Matt McCarthy)

M. BISON (feat. Patrick Huesinger)

GUILE (feat. Joel McHale)

DHALSIM (feat. Kumail Nanjani)

CHUN-LI (feat. Lilan Bowden)

KEN (feat. Thomas Middleditch–again)

And finally, for no good reason, a completely gratuitous shot of Cammy’s cheeks.

Happy April Something Something Whatever!


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