2 Funny/Nerdvana: Funky Fresh Production Logos

Today’s Nerdvana is a follow-up to an article we did back in October 2013, Monster Killer Logo Theater. You know, the one with all those scary-as-heck production logos.

These aren’t more creepy unsettling logos; today’s batch is the flip side of MKLT, where we show you some of our favorite production logos and variants. You can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

First up, an old fave: the Rankin-Bass Productions logo, as seen at the end of perennial stop-motion holiday specials.

Some people have said that they were creeped out by this logo, but personally we have nothing but good memories attached to it. For one thing, it tells us that a wonderfully corny R-B special with talking snowmen and silly songs is on the way, and also because the logo is similar to that of the old Banks convenience stores in Salisbury, MD, where we spent fun summers at our grandparents’ house eating Twinkies and Fruit Pies, noshing on Hardee’s Big Deluxes and sipping on Nehis while watching SuperStation Funtime on TBS. Good times, man, good times.

Second, the old familiar CBS Special Presentation intro:

Again, don’t see how anybody could be put off by this. For us, it was something good: it meant that a Charlie Brown special was about to come on. Of course, we’re not really big Peanuts fans nowadays, but when we were kids, the night of a Peanuts special was bigger than Oscar night.

Next up, the Starry Night Productions logo, as seen at the end of NBC’s Night Court, one of our favorite sitcoms.

About that laugh at the end: the laughter heard at the end of that animation was that of Chuck Weegee, the father of series creator Reinhold Weegee, who was always present in the studio audience during the first seasons of the show. Again, Folks have told us that they found this logo creepy, but again, not us, probably because were such big fans of the show.

Next, the 2 Hanna-Barbera/Turner Entertainment production logos during the 1990’s.


And Action

Now, we’re going to switch gears a little and go to the movies!

It’s Movie Logo Joke Time! First up, the variant on 20th Century Fox’s logo for The Cannonball Run:

Now let’s have some fun with Columbia Pictures’ Torch Lady. First, the variant for the movie Zotz!,  a 1962 fantasy/comedy film produced and directed by William Castle, about a man obtaining magical powers from a god of an ancient civilization. The film is based on the 1947 novel of the same name by Walter Karig.

The man who exclaims “Zotz!” is none other than the director, Willam Castle himself.

Next, the disco “classic” film from 1978, Thank God It’s Friday.

Next, from Cat Ballou starring Jane Fonda

The Mouse That Roared

And finally, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Next, a favorite variant from one of our favorite recent films, Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph.

Simple, but brilliant.

Finally, a variant on the NBC peacock.

Trivia Time: that gag was made by the folks at Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

-And those are some of our favorite logos and variants. Well, there’s nothing left to say, but:


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