Why Miss Martian is Awesome!


  1. She’s a Martian. Space aliens are automatically cool.
  2. She’s the niece of J’onn J’onzz, aka The Martian Manhunter. So she got her through nepotism. What of it?
  3. She’s green, and green women are hot. This was proven years ago on Star Trek.
  4. She can fly.
  5. Her outfit resembles a Japanese schoolgirl’s sailor suit. I like that.
  6. She has a cheerful and upbeat attitude, despite the fact that it’s not easy being green.
  7. She can wipe someone’s mind clean like a dirty ashtray. Not that she would do that, but it’s cool to know that you could.
  8. For some reason, I really like that she has freckles.
  9. Her civilian name is M’gann M’rzz. Imagine someone having to write that name on a value club card.
  10. That adorable mini skirt.
  11. She once dated Superboy (Kon El).
  12. She can shapeshift. Anyone who can assume the form of a dragon is OK in my book!

One thought on “Why Miss Martian is Awesome!

  1. Two more reasons why MM is awesome:

    1. She was voiced by Danica McKeller, who’s a math geek in real life. That’s geek cred right there.

    2. The YJ version was wont to use the exclamation, “Hello Megan!” as a catchphrase. I know a lot of viewers found that annoying, but I personally thought it was charming. It said a lot about M’gann’s character and her personality, especially once we found out the origin of the phrase.


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