Toons & Tunes: Waggle Dance

Disney’s Phineas & Ferb recently wrapped up production and aired its’ final episode. I could take or leave the show as a whole; there were some elements about it that I liked and others not so much, but the basic premise: 2 kids having crazy cool improbable fun during their summer vacation, I liked a lot. The show earned a reputation for featuring original songs in every show; again, some were better than others, but this is one I’ve always liked. P&F’s neighbor Isabella and her troupe the Fireside Girls burst into a little ditty about bee communication. Weird, but darn if it’s not a pretty cool tune. It kind of sounds like something a Rule 63 version of The Aquabats would perform. You get to learn about how bees communicate while being persuaded to shake your ass, sign me up. Enjoy the “Waggle Dance”.


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