Don’t Turn Around!

Right now, you’re probably looking at the heading on this page and are now thinking…

“Must’ve taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque!”

Wait! Stop! Don’t leave! You haven’t clicked on to the wrong site! Allow me to explain…

Yes, we’ve recently changed the name of this site from The Twin Factor to Twinsanity. However, those of you who have been following us back when we were on Blogger already know that Twinsanity was the original name of the site (actually, it’s very first name was Astral City, but let’s not be anal). We felt that we had to change it since there’s already a, as well as a In fact, one reason why we left Blogger in the first place is because we got tired of thinking of a name that we both liked and then discovering that said name was already taken. However, thanks to a wonderful invention known as “.co“, we found out that we could use the name Twinsanity if we wanted to, which we do. So we’ll be calling this site by the name Twinsanity from now on. Even if you click the previous URL, you’ll be redirected to the site with it’s current name, but do make a point to memorize the site’s current URL, though, because at the end of the year, the previous URL will expire and if you try to click it after that, it’ll just take you to an error screen. After December, will be the only URL that will direct you to this site. Remember: it’s twinsanity.CO, not .COM.

This is the last time that we’ll change the site’s name. We promise.

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