2 Funny/Ad Nausea: Nike Presto!

Back in 2000, Nike first unveiled their Presto! collection, a unique line of sneaks which boasted wonderfully garish colors and comically unusual names, such as Shady Milkman and Orange Monk. There were also some pretty cool, funny animated spots made for this product line. Here are the ads for 6 of them.

For the record, the other 7 were:

  • Catfight Shiner
  • Rogue Kielbasa
  • The Hungry Fisherman
  • Chips and Dip
  • Angry Chicken
  • Migraine Fly
  • Stephen Murphy

I wish they had gotten commercials too. (There was alive-action spot made for Angry Chicken, featuring a guy doing parkour to escape a chicken, but it wasn’t nearly as interesting.) I would have LOVED to have seen what kind of cool animations this crew could have come up with for Stephen Murphy and Rogue Kielbasa. The mind boggles.


One thought on “2 Funny/Ad Nausea: Nike Presto!

  1. Notice how the Unholy Cumulus doesn’t appear to be raining so much as peeing. Undoubtedly Nike was aware of this since originally in the “Nike Presto” ad, the Unholy Cumulus did this over a Steeple, but someone must have gotten nervous about this and so it was changed into a house.

    Yeah, it’s too bad that we only got ads for 6 of the 13 “Presto” varieties. I would have liked to have seen “Catfight Shiner”, “Chips and Dip” , “Angry Chicken” and “The Hungry Fisherman” done in this style.


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