Nerdvana: Wanna Fanta!

In this Nerdvana, I’ll be talking about a new discovery (for me, at least), the new Fanta soda flavor: Fanta Mango!


About 3 weeks ago, I’m driving home and I notice a billboard advertising a new flavor of Fanta, mango. I start looking for it, to no avail. Then I spot the billboard again and this time, I ¬†read that Fanta Mango is available at Walmart, so we go to Walmart and buy a 12 pack of the stuff and after dinner that night, we try it. I can only sum up the taste in one word:

We’re actually trying to cut back on drinking sodas in our house, opting for more healthy alternatives, but literally everyone in our house was spinning on this stuff, especially when it’s chilled to perfection.

“Dude! It’s awesome! It’s like taking Ecstasy and a fruit filled rocket ship ride at the same time!”

Earlier, I discovered another new Fanta flavor at Walmart, pineapple.


Unfortunately, here in Maryland, the pineapple only seems to available in 2 liter bottles. I have yet to come across a 12 pack of pineapple, but I’d love to buy one. After all, it’s a known fact that pineapple soda is one of the single greatest creations to exist on the planet Earth.

When researching this, I discovered that there are a number of new Fanta flavors that I have yet to try (except for those fancy soda fountains that are turning up in restaurants); Cherry, Rasberry, Grapefruit, Passionfruit and more. I just might get hooked on drinking flavored soda again.


“Daddy likey!”

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