2 Funny: Stupidface – Casey & Rob at Taco Bell

Today’s 2 Funny is a sketch from the late comedy series Stupidface, which ran on the late cable/satellite channel Fuel TV. Funny thing is what’s happening in this scene is more entertaining and less hectic than what normally goes on in a Taco Bell on a Saturday night. Enjoy “Casey and Rob at Taco Bell”.


2 thoughts on “2 Funny: Stupidface – Casey & Rob at Taco Bell

  1. Choco Tacos are pretty good, I have to say. Almost worth potentially getting arrested for driving your tiny bike inside Taco Bell to get one.

    “Stupidface” was a sort-of spinoff of an earlier Fuel TV show called “American Misfits”, which combined skateboarding footage and tricks with comedy skits. “American Misfits” received decent ratings out of the starting gate, so much so that the network asked creators/executive producers Ted Newsome and Laban Phideas to give them another show which consisted only of the comedy bits and “Stupdface” was born. Since “Stupidface” was just a comedy show, it didn’t require any skateboarding footage, although Laban and Ted did occasionally appear on “Stupidface” as skateboarding superheroes Captain Gnar-Gnar and So-Rad Man. In fact, on season 2 of “American Misfits”, all of the recurring segments which had nothing to do with skateboarding such as ‘I Love Luci’, ‘Jovanate’ and ‘Bob & Bill’ were moved over to “Stupidface”.

    -Whassup now??


  2. Conan O’ Brien said it best about Taco Bell: “It’s food for 99 cents”. I don’t go to “the Bell” very often, but I’d say it’s worth the trip for the Taco Supreme and the Grilled Stuffed Burrito alone. I also liked the Potato Stuffed Burrito, but that was taken off of the menu.

    Not many people saw “Stupidface” because Fuel TV aired the series early Saturday mornings after 1 AM when the TV censors had a looser hand. “Stupidface” came to an end when Fuel TV (which is currently Fox Sports 2, aka, the UFC Channel) came to an end. It’s too bad that the series didn’t get picked up by some other network like Comedy Central, IFC or FXX. I think that “Stupidface” would have been a good fit for any of those channels.


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