Toons & Tunes/Nerdvana: Party Tonight

This is another one of our jams. I’ve wanted to showcase this song here for a while, but finding a decent copy of it wasn’t an easy task.

When JG Quintel’s Regular Show made it’s debut on Cartoon Network on September 6, 2010, I noticed right off of the bat that this was not just your typical Saturday morning kiddie fare, what with the 80s-90s feel to it and the saltier language (although CN insisted that JG and company tone down the offensive words in later episodes). But then, RS aired an episode titled “Mordecai and the Rigby’s” and I heard this song for the very first time. Like many others, I immediately began searching for an mp3 of the song (I found one eventually). The song  was written by RS writer Sean Szeles, who has a recording of the complete song on his blog with himself doing the vocals, although it was later-re-recorded with Mordecai (JG Quintel)’s voice. Also, in the episode, the song had to be cut for time because of course, there was a story to tell.

I couldn’t find a copy of the original version sang by Sean Szeles (it’s no longer on YouTube), but the song was used again for a Cartoon Network promo for Regular Show, which is the one that I’m going to use here. The visuals with the costumed actors look like they stepped right out of Cirque De Soleil, but it’s a great song. Enjoy one of my all time favorite songs, “Party Tonight”.

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