Nerdvana: It by Christine and the Queens

This is another song that has become one of my jams in a fairly short time period. Even though I’ve only become aware of this one a couple of weeks ago, it was actually released in 2011 (fashionably late to the party again. Typical of my nature as an Aquarius). I first discovered this song when the artist performed it live on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and because I first heard it around the same time that I saw the Gravity Falls episode “Wierdmageddon, Part 2” with Mabel Land, that’s kind of what I associate with my personal imagery for the song. I always imagine a little girl who’s wrapped up in her own imagination that she envisions herself in a surreal fantasy world of her own creation inhabited by her toys and such where she of course rules supreme. Anyway, enjoy “It” by Christine and the Queens.

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