2 Funny: “Electricity”

For no particular reason today’s 2 Funny focuses on electricity.

First up, another installment of The Funny Company. (We like this cartoon. Deal with it.) The club’s resident genius Jasper N. Park…


“I get it!”

…Edutains us on how power works, in a short titled appropriately, “Electricity”.


You know, it’s a good thing this is a cartoon, otherwise the landscape would’ve been peppered with Belly Laguna Paprika, aka a new paint color named Hint of Dork.


“Worst. Cartoon. Villain. Ever.”

While we’re on the subject of electricity and edutainment, here’s a bonus track: the band Goodness performing “Electricity, Electricity” from the album Schoolhouse Rock Rocks!.


-Say, how about a dose of Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” while we’re at it?

How About No

-Yeah, probably best to leave it there.


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