Nerdvana: Two Voyages

Today Nerdvana gets all international up in here.

One song I’ve been grooving to lately is the Europop standby “Voyage, Voyage”. Here’s the more popular 80’s version of the song performed by androgynous pop star Desireless, from the album Francois.


-Next, a cover of the song, performed by Maison du Malheur (sp?). In my typical Wrong-Way Norris fashion, I first heard the cover of the song before the original. I first heard this version of “Voyage, Voyage” in a 2013 Heineken beer commercial; there doesn’t seem to be an actual video version of this rendition (more’s the pity), but the visuals in the ad fit the looser, wackier style of MdM’s version perfectly.


Maison du Malheur, if you’re reading this, please release a studio version of your version of this song. I’ll pay for an mp3 of this.


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