Talkin’ Nerdy: Myth Debunking

I’d like to briefly address a popular myth that’s been circulating on the web for some time now, concerning the late DC animated series from the equally late DC Nation block, Young Justice.

Young Justice



“I’m still pissed that Cartoon Network canceled the Young Justice TV series in favor of Teen Titans GO!


I understand that folks are still lamenting the loss of Young Justice (though not me personally; the show lost me after the time-skip–way too many ongoing plots, shoehorned-in characters and an endless supply of “What a twist!” plot curves going on for me to bother trying to keep track of, but I digress) and I’m no fan of Teen Titans GO! either, but people really need to stop saying that, because it isn’t true. Like, at all. While I agree TTGO! is an easy show to rag on, it’s not the reason why YJ was canceled.

Young Justice got the finger because it wasn’t getting the desired ratings Cartoon Network wanted; kids by and large weren’t tuning in to YJ (the network’s lack of promotion and encores for the show obviously didn’t help) and eventually Mattel, the toy company that produced the YJ action figure line, withdrew their support of the show; not a good thing, considering that action cartoons typically require more detailed and intricate animation, backgrounds and production values and as such, action cartoons depend largely on toy and merchandise sales for survival. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the DC Nation block, the New Teen Titans shorts, which portrayed chibi versions of the TT characters engaging in wacky Looney Tunes style slapstick, were proving to be very popular with young fans, and since the current Cartoon Network is all in favor of producing comedy cartoons for kids, it was later greenlit into Teen Titans GO!

So the termination of Young Justice was due to low ratings, poor merch sales and lack of financial support; it had zilch to do with rise of Teen Titans GO! Young Justice‘s fate was sealed before Teen Titans GO! was ever a thing, and TTGO! was going to happen, whether Young Justice stuck around or not.


Consider this myth BUSTED.

3 thoughts on “Talkin’ Nerdy: Myth Debunking

  1. Fans scapegoating “Teen Titans GO!” as the reason why “Young Justice” was canceled is no different than when fans tired to blame the cancellation of “Hi-Hi, Puffy Ami-Yumi!” on “Class of 3000” or fans citing “Lego: Legends of Chima” as the reason why the new “Thundercats” series was canceled.This is no more real than the existence of dragons in the Middle Ages.

    Cartoon Network’s “Thundercats” being canceled had zilch to do with “Legends of Chima”; “Thundercats” was canceled for the same reason why YJ was canceled; the ratings weren’t good and kids weren’t buying the toys, and this is one time when fans can’t blame the network; CN tried airing “Thundercats” on both Friday nights and later on Saturday mornings and the show failed to find audience on either time slot.

    So the lesson to be learned here is: If a TV show that you like gets canceled, a conspiracy theory that you just pulled out of your ass is always the reason why it was canceled. It’s never because the show under performed or it just wasn’t very good.


    1. And I still don’t care about Young Justice. 😛

      Folks, if you were a fan of YJ and were clamoring for it to come back, then by all means peep out the new episodes, do you, but I personally lost interest in this series a loooooooong time ago. My idea of a good superhero cartoon is Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show.


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