2 Funny: CN Bumper Double-Play

We’re ending August with not one, but two of our favorite bumpers from Cartoon Network’s past. First up, CN’s various stars split off into high-school style cliques in “Sheep in the Big Cafeteria”.


Next up, Fred Flintstone and his lunch buddies Thundarr the Barbarian (give yourself a bonus geek star if you remember that Thundarr also appeared alongside Fred in the Harvey Birdman episode “The Dabba Don”) and Chicken (of Cow and Chicken fame) are returning from lunch (I guess they didn’t feel like dealing with the cafeteria hassles either) but are having trouble locating a place to park in “Parking Lot”. Give yourself a platinum geek star if you noticed some of the Wacky Races cars parked in the backgrounds. Also, Speed Buggy is parked; keep an eye out for him.


I generally try not to get too wrapped up in nostalgia, but I kind of wish CN still made spots like this. I understand that they were expensive to produce (they boasted original animation and the characters were voiced by their original or then current voice actors, and VOs need to be paid) but they were fun and creative. They made Cartoon Network seem like it’d be a fun place to work. Hey, there’s an idea: why doesn’t somebody make a show like 30 Rock, but with toons? I’d watch that.



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