2 Funny: Low Tide – Dance Guitar Dance

One of the funnier recurring segments on the late Fuel TV sketch comedy series Stupidface was a cartoon from Mike Hollingsworth called Low Tide, detailing the simple adventures, rendered in a very simplistic art style (the characters and backgrounds looked like notebook doodles come to life), of a trio slacker sea life buddies: Brian, an upbeat starfish, Friz, a somewhat snarky jellyfish (in reality, jellyfish are a collective species with no eyes, hearts or brains, but we’re going by cartoon rules here) and Herman, a slow-witted whale. Think SpongeBob Squarepants for slackers. On today’s 2 Funny, the guys head for the underwater arcade so Friz and Brain can square off on Dance Dance Hero and Guitar Revolution (nobody’s getting sued here). Here’s “Dance Guitar Dance”.

On Stupidface‘s second season, Hollingsworth made another series of animated shorts called Nature Break, which featured more intricate animation, but were more random and not as funny; Low Tide was definitely better.

One thought on “2 Funny: Low Tide – Dance Guitar Dance

  1. It’s worth mentioning that Friz comes off a little meaner in this particular short than he’s usually depicted, although his character has always been the mouth of the main trio.

    Also, the names of the games being played in this short: Dance Hero and Guitar Revolution. Clever rearranging of the titles there.


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