Nerdvana: Castles in the Air (aka Dee-Luxe Apartments in the Sky)

Today’s Nerdvana focuses on one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi locations: the futuristic self-contained floating city.

The rent on these things must be reedonkulous!

The rent on these things must be reedonkulous!

Two of my favorite examples of this are from the comics. From DC, we have Supertown.


Though it’s official name is Celestial City, it was named Supertown by the young Gods known as the Forever People. Supertown is a vast flying structure that constantly glides over the skies of the planet New Genesis.

Supertown is the only technologically advanced structure on the otherwise unspoiled paradise planet of New Genesis, and is designed in such a way as to in no way interfere with the planet’s ecosystem. all the Gods have abodes in the city. And it is in the towers of this city that the Chamber of the Source is located, where the Highfather communes with the Eternal Source by watching the flaming messages written on the Wall of Prophecy.
The entire city is riddled with statues, paintings and other beautiful works of art which echo the Gods’ celebration of life and happiness. In fact the city itself is so beautiful that visitors often stare in awe of the majestic complex, rightfully believing they have come to heaven.

The colors, dude, the colors! There's reddy-purpley, orangey-pinky, bluey-whitey-silvery, greeny-magenta-purpley...Bro, I an so baked!

The colors, dude, the colors! There’s reddy-purpley, orangey-pinky, bluey-whitey-silvery, greeny-magenta-purpley…Bro, I am so baked!

The city possesses impressive mobility, and is capable of interstellar travel, demonstrated when Darkseid’s use of the Micro Mark cause the destruction of New Genesis. The Supertown was simply jettisoned off of the planet awaiting its doom and relocated to another planet as New Genesis was rebuilt.

-Plus, Supertown is such a cool name. It’s just fun to say. Try it. Supertown! Rolls off the tongue like honey on biscuits.

On the Marvel side, there’s the City of Attilan.


Gonna fly now!


Attilan is the ancestral home of the Inhumans, a highly advanced offshoot of the human race. About seven thousand years ago, the Inhumans grew tired of centuries of persecution by their more primitive parent race, and decided to create a place of refuge for themselves. Under the leadership of King Myran, the Inhumans chose as a site for their city a small island in the northern Atlantic Ocean, located about two hundred miles southwest of Iceland. The city, which took several decades to complete, was named Attilan, a name derived from Atlantis, the former pinnacle of civilization on Earth that had vanished beneath the sea about three millennia before. Attilan has been the sole center of the Inhuman population ever since.

Attilan was relocated from its’ original location in the Himalayas, to escape the effects of Earthly pollution and disease. Attilan is currently located in the “Blue Area of the Moon,”


Dark side of the...well, you know.

Dark side of the…well, you know.


….nestled in the ruins of an ancient city built by the alien Kree whose technology gives the “Blue Area” its own artificially created atmosphere.

Now, this may come as a shock, but I’m a bit of a geek who’s not the most social person in the world.


As such, I’ve often fantasized about there being a magical, high-tech place where myself, the mutants, the mages, the mega-minds, the super artistes and other ‘special people’ could dwell, live and just plain be unique and different, enjoying all of the modern amenities away from all of those pesky normals.

Pity the name Astro City is taken.

Pity the name Astro City is taken.

But you know, maybe it’s high time the Specials reconnected with the natives down below. Maybe they’ve lived in isolation from the outside world too long. Maybe the Uppers and the Lowers should come together. Let’s see what it’s like down there.

"'MURICA! #$%* YEAH!!"

“‘MURICA! #$%* YEAH!!”


"Thug Liiife!"

“Thug Liiife!”

Never mind, I take it all back. We’re better off up here. Pour me another sparkling nectar.


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