Cartoon Country: Krillin VS Pintar

Before I start, I’d like to once again apologize for the low output here lately. We’re not happy about it either, but we’ve been working on evolving the site in various ways (most of which we’ve already covered previously, so there’s no need to repeat ourselves)  and things are indeed beginning to happen, so thanks for sticking with us during this time.  OK, enough of that, on with the nonsense.

Today we’ll be looking at one of my favorite moments from Dragon Ball Z, focusing on everyone’s favorite short stack, Krillin.


“Mondo cool!”

In this scene, Krillin is competing in one of the many, many, many fighting Tenkaichi Budokai fighting tournaments present in the DBZ universe. Krillin is sporting hair on his head because by this time in the series, he hasn’t fought in a while and has been instead doing the family thing with his wife Android #18 and their young daughter Marron. Anyways, Krillin’s opponent is a mountainous blowhard named Pintar (a pun on pinto beans, maybe?). There is a noticeable size, height and weight difference between the two combatants, and for this reason, Pintar immediately begins relentlessly taunting Krillin for being vertically challenged. Then the match starts and this happens:

Yep, that’s right; Krillin plants one in Pintar’s bread basket, knocking the big schmo out of the ring with a single punch, thereby winning the match by a TKO.

One thing that I like about this moment is that while Pintar relentlessly taunts Krillin both before and at the start of the match, Krillin never once engages Pintar personally. We hear some of his inner thoughts, but Krillin never says a single thing directly to the guy, and as we learn later on, there was no need for him to; he let his fist do the talking for him. For all of his bluster and trash talk, Pintar never lays a finger on Krillin. The match doesn’t even last three minutes. And after he’s declared the victor, Krillin just turns and walks away, as if to say this match was just another thing that happened. Speaking as someone who is shorter than the average guy (5′, 6″, in case you were wondering), I liked seeing ol’ Krillin get a moment of superiority for a change. I’m sure that fans have different interpretations/opinions regarding this scene, but for me, this is right up there with the “Hulk owns Loki” moment in the Avengers movie. It’s just like what Buster Bunny is wont to say:

Buster Bunny

“Never underestimate the little guy!”


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