Retroville: Looney Tunes Racers

Two things that I loved growing up were…

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes characters

and cars.


So wouldn’t it be great if someone were to make some toys of Looney Tunes characters in customized cars? Thankfully someone did.

Looney Tunes Racers 2

A toy company known as ERTL made a set of die cast toy cars featuring the classic Looney Tunes characters. I first became aware of ERTL and these toys in 1989 when I saw this commercial on TV.

Now, I was 20 in 1989, so when I saw this ad, my reaction was “That’s cool,”, but if kid me had seen this, it would have been more like….

I have to wonder why Tweety and the Road Runner would need to drive cars when the former can fly and the latter could easily out run a car, but this isn’t Talkin’ Nerdy, so I should stop thinking so much.

Looney Tunes Racers

Anyway, these are nicely sculpted figures. I like the deigns and the colors. As was seen on the commercial, there are only six of them: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Road Runner and Tweety. To my knowledge, there weren’t any more made, so I have to ask ERTL, why did you stop there? Why not expand the toy line to include some other LT characters? How about Yosemite Sam in a monster truck (I had a dream once where I saw that toy in a Kay Bee)? Taz in a bulldozer? Marvin the Martian in a flying saucer? Lola Bunny in a convertible? Elmer Fudd in a stretch limo (after all, he owns a mansion and a yacht)?

While researching these toys, I discovered that ERTL also made some Looney Tunes die cast figurines.

Looney Tunes Figures by ERTL

…So it looks like I need to pay Ebay a little visit. Hey, guys…

Fry money meme

One thought on “Retroville: Looney Tunes Racers

  1. These are great, but concept-wise I’m not really getting why Daffy Duck is in a fire engine. Was there a popular Looney Tunes short in which Daffy played a fireman? Because I don’t remember that, and I’m a Looney Tunes geek. Why not give Daffy a rocket car as a homage to Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century?


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