Nerdvana: The Future Still Rocks!

Last time on Nerdvana…


One fateful day in the 21st century, a band of wise and powerful but kinda aggressive and brutally frank alien emissaries arrived on Earth, planning to open a chain of spaceship fueling stations on our planet; if we put a stop to the constant wars, in-fighting, prejudice and environmental abuse, they promised to introduce Earth to the wonders of the universe. If we didn’t, they promised to fry us all like chicken. We wisely chose the first option.


Fast Forward 1000 years…

Happy Earth 2

By the 31st century, the planet Earth is a happy, peaceful Utopia. World Peace has been achieved, all of the world’s nations have merged into one, the planet has been opened up to the rest of the galaxy to the point where there are now numerous alien species, cultures and races living on Earth alongside humans, crime, poverty and pollution have been practically eliminated, humans diseases, handicaps and illnesses have been wiped out, race and gender discrimination are things of the past thanks to centuries of interracial cross-breeding and gene-splicing (nobody really knows what anybody is anymore, since everybody’s a mix of several things), thanks to modern medicine, people live longer; 75 is the new 35 and no one physically ages beyond 25, so everyone looks young and hot, the world economy has boomed to the point where people’s financial situations range from rich to mega-rich to stupid rich, ice cream has been replaced by a newer, better substance called Twice Cream, which comes in 731 flavors (and counting) and candy is good for your teeth.

Since all of Earth’s countries have merged, a new flag had to be created:


…And since Earth is now the galaxy’s melting pot, accommodating a slew of extraterrestrials as well as humans, the Olympics have become intergalactic, creating the need for its’ logo to also be restructured.

Future Olympic Rings


Nowhere is this NWWO (New Wonderful World Order) more evident than in Cyber City, a bright, shiny, colorful, bustling but blissful cosmopolis which is sort of like a world in microcosm. Cyber City is the melting pot of Earth, which itself is the melting pot of the galaxy, full of over 100 races, cultures and species, each pooling their knowledge, powers, skills, talents and resources in order to live the 31st century’s equivalent of the Good Life. Cyber City is so large in fact that it takes up an entire 1/6 of Earth’s surface.

Language is no longer a barrier thanks to Translator Microchips, which everyone in the galaxy has implanted in their ears shortly after birth.


Thanks to these puppies, whenever anyone speaks to you, you will hear your own native language, and when you talk to anyone else, they will hear their native tongue.


“So now foreign languages teachers are obsolete. Thanks, the future!”


Earth’s primary  population consists of Humans (or Native Earthicans), Space-Born Aliens (or New Earthicans), Wildlife (both Earth-born and alien) and Artificial Intelligence. Due to the diverse mix of beings who now live on Earth, the planet’s climate is now artificially and mystically controlled, with the temperature being kept at a balmy 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Cyber City is set for a variety of breathable atmospheres in order to be permeable to the mix of sentient beings living on Earth.


Cloud City

Future Cityscape

Cyber City’s Northern region consists of a posh community in the clouds.

Orbit City

Dee-luxe apartments in the sky-eye-eye…

Not only is this cloud-covered, sky high, high end, high maintenance area home to aerial based species, such as the Altheans, an all-female race of winged mystics (basically space fairies)…

Winx Fairies

johnny bravo

“Whoa, Mama! Sign me up for flyin’ lessons!”

…But it’s also home to Cyber City’s Alphas: the top tier genetically enhanced metahumans, the elite Visitors from Space, the world leaders, the most decorated military commanders, the powerful wizards and mages, the richest celebrities, the great artists, all the achievers and A-Listers.


“Yeah, we’re basically above it all.”



Future Port 2

The South Side of Cyber City is set up like a water park, more or less. (Well, more actually.) The entire area is surrounded by ocean and the land structures are built around it. It’s a lush and tropical landscape…


…And it also boasts an underwater living complex in order to accommodate the galaxy’s various water and liquid based beings and creatures. If you don’t swim, sail, surf or splash, then you’ve got no business in South Cyber City.


“Surf’s up, dude!”


“I was born a kelp farmer’s daughter…”

johnny bravo

“Whoa, baby! Lemme grab muh Speedoes!”



Cyber City’s Eastern region is the technological hub, boasting the greatest and most impressive devices (and for the future, that’s really saying something). It houses the main headquarters of Megacorp, THE  largest Techno-Cosmic Research and Innovation corporation/mega-conglomerate on the planet.

Megacorp was founded by tech trillionaire Mo Green…

J Moneymaker

“Cha-ching, baby!”

…in concert with his business partner, mad scientist Professor Lester Crazaloon.


“Actually, I just get slightly annoyed from time to time.”


This combination of corporate sharkery and Mad Science has made Megacorp gazillions of dollars. Megacorp’s money helped to fund Cyber City, its’ technology helped build it, and 2/3 of its’ citizenry work for Megacorp in some capacity or regularly use its’ many products and services daily, whether they know it or not.


“Spooky, huh?”

The galaxy’s top races of scientists, technicians, inventors, engineers, geniuses and techno-geeks flock to East Cyber City to handle Earth’s cybernetics, information technology, financial services and banking. It’s like Silicon Valley meets Wall Street…



Robot Love

Folks in Cyber City do love their robots…some in more ways than one.

Megacorp is responsible for the handheld devices that replaced smartphones, the 3 W’s: Wizrds, Wi-Tris and Wands.


Wizrds are nearly indestructible and its signal cannot be blocked by any metal or alloy. However, it does not work around pudding. Among its’ capabilities are:

  • Two Way Communication
  • Short Range Teleportation
  • Hyperspeed
  • Moleular Recomposition
  • Shrink Ray
  • Temporary stasis
  • Statufication (transforming something into a statue)
  • Hologram projection
  • X-ray vision
  • Liquification
  • Calculation
  • Research
  • Laser Beam
  • Tractor Beam
  • Cloning Objects
  • Voice Conversion
  • Wiz Track(tracking other wizard signals)

-Oh yeah, and you can also make calls with them.

Wi-Tri 3

Wi-Tris do all the same thing Wizrds do, but they’re entirely hard-light, no solid parts. Also, Wi-Tris are more expensive.


Wands are for mages, ‘Nuff said.




West Siii-eeed!

dr slump-1

Cyber City’s Western region is the most populated, as well as the most culturally diverse. It is where Cyber County (aka the Cyber Suburbs) are located…

Flying Car

White picket fences around every home and a flying car in every garage.

…And is home to a wide range of humans, humanoids and compatible races/species.

Dora and Friends 1

As mentioned previously, the dominant human race on the planet are the Polypalasians, a mixture of all of Earth’s races. This, combined with generations of inter-breeding and gene-splicing, have rendered all humans a mixture of something or other.


“So basically ya put hate comics outta work. Tanks, da future!”

West Cyber City also has the greatest concentration of Mutanimals.

Jet the Hawk

“I know I can fly, but hoverboards are cool!”

Beastly Kingdom

Native to Earth, the Mutanimals were created when a radioactive meteorite crashed into a national zoo, mutating its’ occupants and making the creatures there sapient and near-humanoid, living in a tribal society. Today, the Mutanimals make up about 12% of Earth’s sapient population.


“I’m an avid reader of Hemingway and Asimov, and yes, I do have a tire swing in my rec room. Wanna make something of it?”

And thanks to scientists noodling with nature and DNA, there are also dragons…


…And dinosaurs in Zooropa as well. Isn’t Mad Science great?


Olivia 4

Despite their relatively accelerated intellects, Mutanimals are still somewhat primitive, and several of them will gladly leave Zooropa in order to become pets (or ‘companions’, as some prefer) for human and humanoid Earthicans.


“Hey, you! LOVE ME!!”

Veenie and Marion

1st, 2nd and 3rd generation aliens (or “Space People”, as they prefer to be called) are also a common sight in Cyber City. Among the most frequently encountered Space People are Martians and Omatranians.


Martians are easily identified by their green skin and antennae. Mars is located very close to Earth, so it’s easy for Martians to get here. Mars is to Earth what Canada was to America in ancient times.


Omatranians hail from the advanced planet of Omatran, whose inhabitants possess twice the brain capacity of humans (quite literally, an Omatranian brain has 8 lobes as opposed to the 4 lobes possessed by a human’s brain). Since Omatranians are innately proficient in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, they are in great demand to fill tech positions on Earth. You’d be hard pressed to find an Earth tech company which doesn’t have at least 2 Omatranians on it’s payroll.

Omatranians come in 2 colors: blue…


…And there’s also a purple breed. What’s the difference between a blue Omantranian and a purple one?



Black Building

Due to the influx of aliens emigrating to Earth, Area 51 was converted to the Extraterrestrial Immigration Center. There Space People are registered to become legal Earthican citizens, providing they sign the necessary paperwork pledging to never try to conquer the planet or attempt to enslave its’ populace.


“My Khoros born wife was sworn in as an Earthican citizen today, so we had to go to the E.T.I.C. How long were we there, hon?”


“Three, maybe four minutes. Man, those lines are long!”

All of this is overseen by the President of Earth, former actress, comedienne, talk show host and superhero, Ebony Sable, seen here with Vice President Snowball.


She won by a landslide, securing the women vote, the African-Earthican vote, the metahuman vote and the hyper-intelligent gorilla vote!


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