Cartoon Country: Out Of Fuel

For today’s Cartoon Country, we’ll be venturing into the twisted, demented world of Cartoon Network’s original series, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa

“Good morning!”

The story I’ll be covering today is titled “Out of Fuel”, which is actually a short that aired with the season 2 episode “Uncle Grandpa Retires”, in which Uncle G fills in for the spare tire of his own RV and likes it so much that he wants to keep the job permanently.


Yeah, you have to have seen the show for that to make sense. Anyway, on with the short. The iconic uncle and grandfather of everyone in the world is on the road with his running crew (Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, Tiny Miracle and Frankenstein) playing an epic game of Twister when things go awry.

That’s right; Uncle Grandpa’s RV runs on weirdness rather than gas, so the gang sets out to find some spare weirdness in The Big City.



So to recap, these guys…

Uncle Grandpa & Friends…THESE GUYS…

…don’t know where they can find a source of weirdness to fuel the RV, so they search The Big City trying to find some. After a few minutes of shtick, they eventually come to the conclusion…

Glinda the Good Witch

“They had the weirdness with them all along!”

With this new found revelation, UG extracts some weirdness from his buddies

UG - Out of Fuel


which results in them nearly getting sucked into a vortex. However, Uncle G does manage to snag a small piece of the weird aura and uses it to finally fuel the RV. It’s here where he delivers the coup de grace: He says:


“With a piece of weirdness this small, the RV can only run for another 10,000 years. Maybe 20,000 if we rotate the wipers regularly.”


And that was “Out of Fuel”. Now, the surreal nuttiness of Uncle Grandpa is an acquired taste. You’re either going to enjoy it or you just won’t. One of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard regarding UG is that the series lacks depth and heart, in response to this, I would ask these people “Why are you expecting depth and heart on a cartoon called Uncle Grandpa? The show is precisely what it is. Either accept it for what it is or don’t deal with it at all. It’s not complex. I’ve always enjoyed kooky, wacky humor and for some reason, I like the idea of a vehicle that runs solely on weirdness. Why are we wasting are time burning gasoline when we should just start traveling with a weirdo or two?




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