Talkin’ Nerdy: Let’s Get Real About Lola Bunny

Just like the title says, all of this renewed hype about Looney Tunes, brought on by the impending premiere of Looney Tunes Cartoons on HBO Max, has brought to mind one Looney Tune who so far I haven’t seen in any of these shorts…one Lola Bunny.

Lola_Bunny 1

Not since Scrappy-Doo have I encountered so polarizing a cartoon character. You see, when Lola made her debut in Space Jam, she looked like this:

Lola Bunny Space Jam

But later on, when she returned for The Looney Tunes Show, she was changed to this:

Lola Bunny TLTS

While some fans were OK with the change, several others were suddenly like:

And for a long time, I wondered…why? Why are so many fans enraged by this new take on the character? Why does TLTS Lola inspire so much hatred among some folks? Now, if you ask the average Lola hater, they’ll usually say something along the lines of:

Angry Nerd

“Ooooooh, I hate this new Lola Bunny because she’s sexist! She’s an insult! She’s a stereotype! She’s too stupid! She’s a bimbo! She’s not a good role model to young girls! Rant-rant-rant!!”

And you know what?


Yeah, all that stuff Lola anti-fans like to throw out and tell you (and tell you and tell you and tell you) is a complete load. It’s Grade A Bolognium. I wish I had some bread so all of this baloney wouldn’t be going to waste. These reasons for hating TLTS Lola have always seemed weird to me, but I could never quite put my finger on what was so off about these complaints, aside from the obvious fact that they make no sense. When I noticed that it’s only MALE fans who go on about the Lola hate that I began to put 2 and 2 together. What REALLY gave it away was when a Lola hater made a comment on this very site proclaiming that Daisy Lou (a love interest rabbit character who only appeared in a single short, “Hare Splitter”, 1948, d. Friz Freleng) would be a better choice for a female Looney Tune than Lola.

That’s when it hit me. Do you want to know the REAL reason why these guys hate the new Lola so much? Do you wanna strip away the convoluted crapola? You really want to get down to it? Forget all that smoke they like blow up your ass. Whenever TLTS Lola haters say all that stuff I typed above, what they’re REALLY saying is this:

Angry Nerd

“I hate the new Lola because she’s not sexy like the original Lola was!”

That’s it. The Space Jam version of Lola made these folks feel funny down there, and they don’t get that same special feeling when watching the new Lola. THAT’S what they’re up in arms about.


“NO! That can’t be right! CAN IIIIIT?!!!?”

Trust me, it is. Think about it. None of the arguments they say out loud make any sense.

Angry Nerd

“New Lola is too silly acting and stupid!”


We’re talking about a comedy franchise here. Since when are the likes of Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Pete Puma or Beaky Buzzard towering intellects? Since when is that even a requirement? Why is it OK for male characters to goof it up, but when a female character does the same thing, some nonexistent rules are somehow being broken? Not only does that complaint make no sense, but it’s downright hypocritical, because many of these hardcore Lola Bunny haters are also big fans of characters like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony or Harley Quinn from DC Comics and DC Super Hero Girls. If you think this:

Pinkie Pie

Or this:

Harley Quinn 2019

…Are somehow better than this:

Lola Bunny TLTS 2

…Shut up!

Angry Nerd

The new Lola is sexist! She’s a female stereotype!”

Madea Shut Up

Ladies, don’t you just love it when guys try to mansplain to you what feminism is? I’m not going to get up on a soapbox here, since as a male, I’m hardly an expert on the subject, but based on what I’ve seen, heard, read and observed, ultimately feminism is about choice; namely, a woman is free to choose to be whatever the hell she wants to be, and that includes being funny, silly and ridiculous. Why are the guy Looney Tunes allowed to be silly and loony and zany but when Lola does it, it’s bad? Holding female characters to different standards and decrying a female character for being clownish while deeming it A-OK for a male character to do the same is itself sexist. When you magically grow a vagina, then you can lecture me about feminism. Until then, cram it!

Angry Nerd

“This new Lola isn’t a good role model like the other Looney Tunes!”

“Role models?” Excuse me?? You think these guys…



…Are role models? Dude, who’s your dealer? ‘Cause that’s some primo stuff you’re spinning on! The Looney Tunes are not, repeat, NOT role models. You’re not supposed to gel any life lessons from these characters; you’re just supposed to laugh at their wacky antics. Bugs Bunny is not a role model; he’s a rebel and a wiseass and a prankster and a troublemaker. That’s why he’s such an awesome character. It’s also why Lola had to change. Regardless of how you felt about The Looney Tunes Show itself, one thing the show did very right was rethink Lola. C’mon, really, what exactly was so great about the Space Jam version?

Lola Bunny Space Jam

Yeah, she may be nice to look at (if you’re into that sort of thing, I’m not personally, but I’m not knocking those who are), but there’s a serious flaw with the original Lola, namely:

SHE. WASN’T. FUNNY. The Looney Tunes franchise has no use for an unfunny character.

I challenge any of these alleged fans of Space Jam Lola to describe the character using any other adjective besides “pretty”, “cute”, “sexy” or “hot”. You can’t, because beyond being ‘Va-Va-Va-Voom!’ sexy,  Space Jam Lola had no personality.

That’s when the anti-fans’ arguments really fall apart. Why is it such a bad thing for a Looney Tune to act loony??

Space Jam Lola would never do any of those things, because that would require her to have a personality, opinions, quirks or a character, which that version is clearly devoid of. Space Jam Lola was just furry fetish fuel, nothing more. I’m not saying that a cartoon character can’t be attractive; goodness knows I’ve had my share of cartoon crushes, but there’s absolutely no reason for a woodland creature to be sexy unless you’re a guy rabbit and you wanna ‘do the math’, if ya know what I mean.

I’m not going to make fun of furries because they don’t deserve to be made fun of, but let’s face it: when these Lola haters see Lola on the screen, they don’t want to laugh; they want to get their rocks off, and they can’t do that with the new Lola, and THAT’S the real reason they hate this new take on the character so much.

So from now on, when the subject of post-Space Jam Lola comes up and one of these folks starts bloviating about how the character’s a disgrace and an abomination and whatnot, keep the above in mind, and then just tell ’em:

5 thoughts on “Talkin’ Nerdy: Let’s Get Real About Lola Bunny

  1. I’m guessing that given how the Looney Tunes have so few prominent female characters, when a character like Lola comes along, they would hold her to more of a high standard, regardless of whether the reasoning makes sense or not.


  2. I can’t tell you how many debates that I’ve been involved with regarding Lola Bunny back when The Looney Tunes Show was in production. There was one Lola fan in particular who felt that WB changing Lola from the Space Jam version into the TLTS version was like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa. So you can imagine how this fellow reacted to me, someone who actually likes the “new” Lola and didn’t feel that she needed to revert back to her previous self, as I felt that Space Jam had no personality whatsoever; she was just furry hotness in a single package. In other words, Space Jam Lola was like a pizza cutter: all edge, no point. I never understood why some fans had a problem with a Looney Tunes character being…well, loony.

    Now, it’s worth noting that this aforementioned gentleman was also a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and was a HUGE fan of Sonic SatAM, and of Princess Sally Acorn in particular, and he would constantly (and I do mean constantly) defend human/humanoid animal romances in fiction and would name several examples of this, but he’s “totally not a furry, you guys!”.

    After putting together all of this evidence, it now seems clear to me why this guy hated the new Lola so much; it’s because Space Jam Lola was probably his first crush and he resents that Warner Brothers has since replaced the character’s (alleged) hotness with zaniness. All that nonsense about TLTS Lola being “anti-feminist” (whatever the hell that means) and “a bad role model” (again, his words, not mine) is precisely that. And for anyone who thinks that a character can’t be funny and sexy, I know some Harley Quinn fans who may disagree with you on this.


  3. I will say the Looney Tunes Show is definitely better than Space Jam Lola, though that’s mainly due to season 2, where she’s still Looney, but not at the near stalker level she was towards Bugs in season 1 (where she was still fine). Interestingly, I think the Lola from Looney Tunes Rabbits Run (the only Looney Tunes movie released in the 2010s) is probably the best she’s even been, mostly due to showing more to her while still being pretty funny (likely due to many people from The Looney Tunes Show being involved in that movie, with the movie’s co-writer Rachel Ramras voicing Lola).


  4. By an interesting and improbable coincidence, Doug Walker released a video today posing the hypothetical question “What if Lola was funny in Space Jam?” Yeah, I know, it’s Doug Walker and CA, but this take on Lola is interesting and I actually like Doug’s version of Lola in the film better than one that we got.

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  5. One of the biggest concerns I’ve had about TLTS was when Lola showed up on early promotional art, and my immediate reaction was, “Really? They’re putting that boring, one-off Space Jam character back into the Looney Tunes fold?” I was so relieved that they actually changed her. She turned out to be one of the best aspects of TLTS as a result.

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