Art Attack #2: The Saturday Twins

The lead characters from a project we have in the works called Meet the Saturdays. These are the Saturday Twins, Sea Duck Quackers (left) and Sunny Funny (right). Sea Duck is a beach bum who’s gaga over ducks, while Sunny is an incurable optimist who works hard only at being silly.

You may be seeing more of these kiddos as production increases. If we start putting up artwork and cartoons on a consistent or semi-regular basis, we may create a second blog for those. Stay tooned.

One thought on “Art Attack #2: The Saturday Twins

  1. If we’re going to make art and cartoons a semi-regular fixture of the Twin Images brand (and that’s the plan), then I’m going to have to purchase the appropriate software so we can start doing it digitally. My current technique (draw, trace, color by hand, scan and upload) is fine for single panels and one-off images, but I’d also like to do comic strips with multiple panels, and that’s a lot to do manually.


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