Toons & Tunes: Dueling Wabbit Themes

Warner Brothers’ latest animated outing, Wabbit – A Looney Tunes Production, which currently airs simultaneously on both Boomerang and Cartoon Network, isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty decent overall, especially since the show is much welcome return to form for it’s star, the wascally wabbit Bugs Bunny himself. Ol’ Bugsy is back to being an energetic, wise-ass trickster and troublemaker again, rather than his much more restrained self from The Looney Tunes Show. In Wabbit, Bugs takes on every manner of foe from tiny peg-shaped ninjas to giant irascible painters to a feisty King of the Jungle to the Tooth Fairy. The art and drawing style takes some getting used to (Yosemite Sam in particular looks like he jumped off the Spumco drawing board) and some of the stories work better than others (the shorts in which Bugs interacts with Bigfoot tend to irritate more than amuse) but overall the hyper-kinetic pace and the non-stop barrage of gags keep things entertaining, and with the promise of more Looney Tunes stars to appear on the show, including Porky Pig and a “totally nuts” Daffy Duck, Wabbit looks to be a winner.

However, the series has already performed a bizarre oddity: it suddenly and without warning switched its’ opening and closing theme music from this jazzy score:

To this more Bluegrass-ey number:



“I’m a -pickin!” “And I’m a-grinnin’!”

This is not a complaint, mind you; both themes are OK (I admit to liking the first one a little more, but that’s probably because by this time I’ve grown more accustomed to it). I don’t mind the change necessarily, it’s just that there was nothing wrong with first theme and the switch just seemed to come from out of nowhere, like the sudden shift from Power Rangers Zeo to Power Rangers Turbo. Weird, right?


“That seemed unnecessary.”


Toons & Tunes: Vanz Kant Danz by John Fogerty

Today’s Toons & Tunes is a lesser known video from John Fogerty’s album Centerfield. It’s the epic tale of a porcine pickpocket. There’s Porky, Orson and Miss Piggy, and now, there’s Vanz. The animation for this video comes from none other than Will Vinton (of Claymation fame). Here’s “Vanz Kant Danz”.

Toons & Tunes: Lights, Camera, Mongoose!

Today’s Toons and Tunes comes from an episode of Discovery Family (Formerly The Hub)’s Littlest Pet Shop titled “Lights, Camera, Mongoose!”. In the episode, Sunil trades places with a famous movie star mongoose named Shahrukh. The other pets cater to Shahrukh’s every whim, but soon grow tired of his demands. The following is Shahrukh’s musical number from the episode:

Any show that gives us a bunch of cute pets performing a Bollywood style musical number is OK in my book!

2 Funny/Toons & Tunes: Scared Silly – Spooky Tunes

Just in time for Halloween, today we present not 1, but 2 spooky themed videos to commemorate the occasion.

First, musical super-band the Aquabats have taken on ManAnt, the Uberchaun and Space Monster M. Here they face off against their most sinister foe: Goth mall-rats who shop for clothes at Hot Topic! Here’s “Fashion Zombies!”.

Next up, one of the better tunes from Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop 2012 series. Sunil the mongoose and Vinnie the gecko expose themselves to a werewolf horror flick and have themselves a good ol’ freakout. This is “Wolf-I-Fied!”.


Toons & Tunes/Nerdvana: Party Tonight

This is another one of our jams. I’ve wanted to showcase this song here for a while, but finding a decent copy of it wasn’t an easy task.

When JG Quintel’s Regular Show made it’s debut on Cartoon Network on September 6, 2010, I noticed right off of the bat that this was not just your typical Saturday morning kiddie fare, what with the 80s-90s feel to it and the saltier language (although CN insisted that JG and company tone down the offensive words in later episodes). But then, RS aired an episode titled “Mordecai and the Rigby’s” and I heard this song for the very first time. Like many others, I immediately began searching for an mp3 of the song (I found one eventually). The song  was written by RS writer Sean Szeles, who has a recording of the complete song on his blog with himself doing the vocals, although it was later-re-recorded with Mordecai (JG Quintel)’s voice. Also, in the episode, the song had to be cut for time because of course, there was a story to tell.

I couldn’t find a copy of the original version sang by Sean Szeles (it’s no longer on YouTube), but the song was used again for a Cartoon Network promo for Regular Show, which is the one that I’m going to use here. The visuals with the costumed actors look like they stepped right out of Cirque De Soleil, but it’s a great song. Enjoy one of my all time favorite songs, “Party Tonight”.