Yearly Wrap-Up 2017

End of 2017

We’re approaching the end of the road…

It’s that time again: our final blog post of the year, where we offer up a brief summation of the site’s activities and our plans for Twinsanity’s future.

As 2017 winds to a close, if I were to try and sum things up in a single term, it would probably be:

Roller Coaster


To say that 2017 had its’ fair share of ups and downs is an understatement. 2017 seemed to be the year of Delays and Distractions, as a lot of this year’s planned blog posts had to be pushed back or rescheduled for various reasons. If there’s one thing we’d both like to see happen in 2018, we hope that production will pick up here; we’d really like to get back to a pattern where we’re producing new material here on a fairly regular basis once more. Here’s hoping.

This time there aren’t a lot of new things to report for next year; as of this writing we don’t currently have any new segments planned (aside from the ones which will be made as videos*), rather we simply plan to make more and better entries of the current roster of segments. At the moment we have 4 Cartoon Countries in the works, a couple of Toon Adjacents, a Videots and a Retro Bin. I’d like to do another Cartoon Couch and Jason says he’d like to do another TV Special Showdown, but in order to do either would first require a subject.

We would’ve liked to have done something holiday themed this year, but it just never happened, partially because so many other blog posts had to be pushed back. I had considered doing a Toon Adjacent for Beetlejuice’s Rock-n-Roll Graveyard Revue, but I didn’t get the idea to do it until after Halloween, and by then the entries I had planned for September got pushed back to October. Similarly, Jason had considered doing a mini Cartoon Country of the MAD sketch “Fantastic Four Christmases”, but he was also so busy working on the posts which were delayed from September and October that Christmas came and went before he got to do it. Maybe we’ll get to do those next year.

Top priority right now is to get out the final entries of the current Pop Dream and What The Funny miniseries, so that we can embark on the next series of each, which will most likely be around February or March. In each case, we know what the next installments of each will be focusing on, but we don’t want to reveal them just yet. You’ll have to wait until the current miniseries are finished before we make the official announcements.

We’re still on extended vacation from superhero themed posts, and expect that to continue in the upcoming months. While there may be the occasional cape post turning up once in a while (like the Toon Adjacent “X-Men Infinity??” or the Nerdvana “The Tech Factor”, which was mostly about superheroes), Twinsanity’s primary animation focus will still be comedy cartoons and toyetic cartoons over the action-oriented titles. We prefer comedy over action, that’s just how we roll.

*Regarding some of those aforementioned video segments, among them will be a new incarnation of 2 Funny. It’s still the same basic idea: comedy sketches, only this time the skits will be written and performed by us instead of us just embedding someone else’s works. Another video segment we’re considering is called The Couch; in it, we sit on a couch, watch something on TV and make fun of it. There are other video segment ideas we’re kicking around, but there will still be the familiar animation-themed segments you’ve come to enjoy, such as Cartoon Country, The Retro Bin/Cartoon Couch etc., only in video form. The basic theme of the Twinsanity video series will be cartoons, fun stuff, funny stuff, stupid stuff and geek stuff”.

2017 to 2018

So as always, we’d like to give all of you who’ve been following Twinsanity, liking us, commenting on our nonsense and all a big thank you for sticking around, and we wish you all a Happy Holidays and we look forward to entertaining you with more animation and geek culture themed things in 2018. In the meantime, relax, kick back and pop open the bubbly, ’cause we already have.


See ya next year.

State of the Blog: Here Comes the New

I’ll keep things brief. This will be my final What Up? post before I resume production here, I promise.

First, I’d like to thank you guys for sticking with us and being patient. I know the level of productivity here has been kind of an elevator ride lately (as in up and down), so we appreciate your patience as we continue to evolve and refine this thing that we call Twinsanity. The reason I’m posting this is because we’re FINALLY about ready to resume putting up actual posts here again. I’m compiling images and information and writing jokes and stuff even as I type here; I don’t want to reveal what specifically we’ll be putting up right here and now, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but those who have been keeping up with us may have some vague idea as to what to expect. I hope to get at least 1 of these new posts up sometime this month.

I will say that the upcoming posts and new segments that we’re working on will be slightly different than what we’ve been doing in recent years; the What the Funny, Pop Dream and Neat Stuff entries (more of which are coming) are an indication of what to expect from us in the upcoming weeks and months. Like WTF and Pop Dream, these new bits will focus on a specific franchise, cast or concept and will extend across multiple posts as opposed to random one-and-done posts like the average Ad Nausea or Talkin’ Nerdy. I’ve been looking for something that’ll stretch my writing chops and contain more detail and finesse.

Does this mean that we’re done producing entries for the established segments? No. It’s just that Twinsanity is a variety blog, it’s always been a variety blog; we try to do a variety of things here to keep things interesting; I’ve never wanted to cover just one thing over and over, I’d just get bored and burned out doing that. The only things I’m actively avoiding here are Highly Opinionated, 2 Funny, anything involving comic book superheroes and the posts which consist of nothing but video embeds with a brief description of them. The former I’ve admittedly grown tired of and would like to move on from, as they represent a period of the blog’s history (and a time in my life) that I wish to put in the past and distance myself from, the other (superhero stuff) I feel like I’ve devoted too much time here to and that just isn’t where my head’s at creatively right now (presently I’m on more of a kick for the 70’s through 90’s Saturday Morning experience, toons–as in the Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Roger Rabbit variety–nuclear families and animals. I don’t ask questions, I go where the muse leads me), and the latter just aren’t as creative or imaginative as I’d like (I try to put my own creativity and effort into everything I do, and just embedding a video didn’t really accomplish that), plus I feel like I’d become too dependent on those, especially in the past 2 years or so. Nerdvana and Toons & Tunes are still OK, provided they contain actual context like the Cooking with Toons, Driving with Toons, Down on the Toon Farm, Wild Cartoon Kingdom and The Future Rocks! Nerdvana installments and the Ewoks/Droids Adventure Hour, ChalkZone and Fantastic Four show openings Toons & Tunes posts. The other segments are still fair game, especially Cartoon Country, since it’s very versatile and covers a lot of ground (Cartoon Country is probably the closest thing we have to a general segment); if I come up with an idea for a new Retro Bin or Cartoon Couch or Beyond the Background or whatever, I’ll most certainly do one, but as of this writing I haven’t been inspired to do a new entry for any of those yet and I’m past the point where I feel like I have to just put something, anything up for the sake of keeping post counts high; Twinsanity just turned 7 as of February (we first launched Twinsainty in February 2010), so after 7 years I think we’ve accrued a comfortable enough backlog of entries in those segments that we can take time off to explore new and different stuff. I’d rather take the necessary time to make just 1 really good, detailed post than grind out a bunch of cheapies; like I’m always saying: quality over quantity.

So while the other segments won’t be going away, right now the stuff from our current mindset, hereinafter referred to as the ‘New Groove’ (e.g. Neat Stuff, Pop Dream, What the Funny and the new segments which will be revealed in time) will be taking precedent; they’re what’s currently in our heads right now, and we’re itching to get those started.

Despite the slight change in style and delivery, the focus of Twinsanity will remain the same: cartoons, comedy, pop-culture stuff, fun stuff and geek stuff. That’s never going to change.

Well, I’m done rambling now. The next post you get from me will be a real post with actual content, images and funny stuff in it, I promise. New posts are coming up very shortly, so stay tooned, but now it’s time for me to….




New Stuff ‘n’ Stuff



Pardon our dust.

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, we’re experiencing a bit of a down time here lately. It’s not that we’re burned out, it’s just that right now there’s not a whole lot going on in the world of animation that’s really grabbed us enough to want to blog about it. During this little sabbatical, we’ve been kicking the idea nut around and are in the process of developing possible new segments for Twinsanity.


We’re throwing stuff at a dart board and seeing what sticks.

No, this doesn’t mean that the other regular segments like Ad Nausea, Beyond the Background, The Cartoon Couch et al are done; they will continue, just at the moment we haven’t been inspired to do any new installments of them lately. The only segments we’re actively trying to avoid doing are the Highly Opinionated segments; we’re trying to move away from the ranting posts, and we’re no longer doing the 2 Funny, Toons & Tunes or musical Nerdvana segments as actual posts; they will only be used as fillers, placeholders and buffers to separate 2 installments of the same segment like they were originally intended to be.

The What the Funny and Pop Dream segments are an indicator of what to expect with the new material we’re working on: these new segments will be more reminiscent of those in that they will be more detailed and will focus on one specific subject and will extend across multiple posts as opposed to just being one-offs done in a ‘grab bag’ fashion like the Cartoon Country, The Retro Bin and the like are. At this stage I’d actually prefer doing ongoing multiple blog posts, since that will keep us working on something for a weeks, possibly months to come.

(Speaking of Pop Dream and What the Funny, there will be more of these segments; it’s just that we’ve only recently finished the first installments of those and we’d rather not start the next set so soon afterwards. We’d prefer to do something else first. Part of what makes those segments special is that you don’t see them all the time. We don’t wish to get burned out on them.)

Now, onto the new stuff currently in development. Keep in mind that all of these ideas are extremely early, and they could go through a number of changes before reaching their final forms. Also, none of these new bits are named yet; we’ll just be giving them working names for the sake of calling them something. Names are a tricky thing right now since the segments themselves are still being developed, so they too are subject to change. Also, the overall theme of Twinsanity isn’t going to change; Twinsanity’s central focus is, always was and always will be cartoons, comedy and geek culture. Got it? Good.

The first new segment I’m working on was originally going to be a Videots listing my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Zones; I may still do that at some point, but I’ve already done a favorite stages post in early February, and as much as I enjoy doing those, I don’t want to get into a rut with them. A while later James Rolfe and Mike Mattei did a James and Mike Mondays on Knuckles Chaotix


...So for a while I was considering doing something along those lines. Then while researching for that, I began reading up on general Sonic lore and considered doing a piece on Knothole (or a place which resembled it; which I also still may do at some stage), and that evolved into a general overview of a planet similar to Mobius. Then finally, I decided to make a series of segments set in a Utopian future. It would depict day-to-day life in an amazing, wonderful high-tech future complete with spaceships, flying cars, robots, aliens and the like. This segment will combine some elements of “Superhero City: A Visitor’s Guide” and “The Future Rocks!” and will feature places and things mentioned in both of those, but will go in greater detail and unlike “Superhero City” and “A Touch of Magix”, these entries will  more closely resemble a narrative structure rather than just being travelogues and will star actual characters for the readers to experience these things through. Right now I’m calling this segment Startopia, Startropolis or Coolopolis. 

I’m also working on something akin to Tony Goldmark’s State of the Parks vlogs or Allison Pregler’s Movie Nights or Bob Chipman’s G.E.M.s (Good Enough Movies), but for cartoons, cartoon episodes and possibly cartoon merch. I’d like for it to capture the essence of CN’s Cartoon Planet or The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show, with quick jokes, bits and self-aware inanity. My big concern with this idea is that it may smack too much of Cartoon Country, so this may just become another branch or aspect of Cartoon Country, which would also be cool, since one of the goals we both have for this year is to get back into producing Cartoon Countries on a regular basis.

The final new segment I’m working on started out as a piece I had planned to do on Marvel’s Inhumans. 


Two things I like about the Inhumans are 1) that they’re not superheroes, despite meeting and teaming up with them on occasion and 2) the central characters are a family. This evolved into a general ongoing segment about a quirky and kooky yet loving and functional family, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. However, I don’t want them to just be an ordinary family; I’m not trying to do something like The Family Circus or Fox Trot, that would be boring; this family will have some kind of unique cartoon hook, gimmick or twist of some kind. Presently I’m calling this segment Family Fun, but that won’t be its’ final name. 

For a little while now, I’ve been interested in Cyborcat’s recurring segments, The Game Den and The Film Den, respectively. I particularly liked how Dena split them off into two separate segments, but they’re still connected in terms of theme and approach.* Also, I’ve been watching James Rolfe’s reviews of monster movies such Godzilla and King Kong, as well as James’ two part “Power Rangers: A Noob’s Guide” video, and I’ve been thinking about doing something along those lines, only bigger and wilder, with the usual jokes and nonsense attached to them. Nothing is final as of yet, but here are some of the themes that I’m considering going with:

I thought about tackling the tropes and character archetypes of domestic comedies, similar to the Nerdvana segment, “Making Family Fun”, only more detailed and specific. Currently, I’m calling this segment The Family Factor. Also, I’ve been trying to do something with the idea of the kidcom with the sci-fi twist (which I’ve been wanting to do for a little while now), something along the lines of Wake, Rattle and Roll, Johnny Test or Out of Jimmy’s Head, only good, so this segment could possibly tie in to that idea.

The other segment was originally going to be me talking about toys based on cartoons or toy franchises, but I wasn’t coming up with a lot of ideas for this, so then I thought about just talking about merchandise based on cartoons and franchises, similar to the late TLC show (back when TLC stood for The Learning Channel) called Neat Stuff. In this form, I’ve been calling the segment The Toy Factor. One thing possibly preventing this idea is that concept-wise, it’s not far enough away from Nerdvana. Of course, any ideas for this could easily lead to more Nerdvana segments, which I wouldn’t mind at all, so I just might approach the idea this way instead of making a new segment. We’ll see.

I’d also like to do something along the lines of Doug and Rob Walker’s Sibling Rivalry/Real Thoughts segments mixed with Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak’s Under the Table podcasts mixed with The Sifl & Olly Show; quick little jokes, quips and thought bubbles about subjects that aren’t major enough to devote an entire segment to.

I also thought about focusing on the art and settings of video games, but that might be too similar to Videots. Of course, I could always do those as Videots segments. OK, so it seems evident that I don’t actually have a particular subject in mind for either of these connected segments at this time, or anything other than the desire to do them (although this may change when I find something new to “groove” on, as I mentioned back in “Twinsanity’s New Groove”).  In hindsight, it’s not really me doing an entirely new segment so much as approaching the established segments in a slightly different (and better) way. In any case, if this happens at all, I want there to be 2 of these segments and both of the segments will have similar themed names, as with Cyborcat’s segments*.

*Inspired by this, we’ve decided to rename the Retro Box and Wild World of Shows segments, since they too are connected as being opposite sides of the same coin. One segment roasts past cartoons pulled out of the trash bin, while the other turns an appreciative spotlight on obscure cartoons which have fallen into the couch cushions. So henceforth The Retro Box shall be known as The Retro Bin, while the Wild World of Shows is now The Cartoon Couch. The content of each segment is still the same. ‘Kay?

Yearly Wrap-Up 2016


Let’s face it; 2016 kind of sucked.



With the general tumultuous atmosphere, the huge ideological divide and the many, many, many beloved celebrities’ passing, this really hasn’t been a great year.


“The suck is strong with this one.”

2016 hasn’t been much kinder to us, either. I know you’re all probably less than thrilled about the general lack of output here on the site; we’re not happy about it either. This year there’s been a lot of craziness and distractions going on in our offline lives, so regrettably we haven’t been able to spend as much time focusing on Twinsanity as we’d have liked. The latter months of this year our work here has been particularly sporadic; fall and winter seemed to have been the Seasons of Medical Procedures: nearly every member of our household has had to deal with some sort of procedure (nothing life-threatening, thankfully, but enough to keep us away from production for a good while). Then of course came the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Holiday Season, which only slowed down production even more here. We’re hoping that once all this stuff chills out, we can get to business as usual (0r unusual) around here.

There have been some bright spots, though. I haven’t really been able to bask in it too much due to the melange of crap that I’ve also had to deal with this year, but 2016 marks the first anniversary of our departures from Toon Zone, and looking back I have to say that splitting from that place was one of the smartest moves I’ve made in recent years. TZ just wasn’t a good fit for us; looking back, I can’t believe we stayed there as long as we did. There were too many inmates running the asylum and too many giant egos drunk on their tiny bits of power taking what’s supposed to be a fun past-time far too seriously. Long story short, the atmosphere over at TZ had become toxic and I couldn’t picture myself staying there for another 12 days, let alone 12 months. So no, I don’t regret that move even a little, but we’re all about looking forward not back, so I won’t sling any more hash about Toon Zone anymore. As far as we’re concerned, TZ is part of our past, and it’s time to embrace the future.

We also managed to launch 2 of our “passion projects” this year: What the Funny and Pop Dream. We’re aware that you’re all waiting for us to continue with those; as of this writing there are still 2 Pop Dreams and 2 What the Funnies left to be presented; again we just haven’t been able to devote as much time to Twinsanity in general this year, especially during the latter months, but rest assured we will be finishing both of those, after which the WTF and Pop Dream segments will continue, but each will focus on different characters and shows. The idea behind each is that we’ll do about 4, 5 or at the most 6 (depending on the franchise) entries for one show or franchise before moving on to another one. I had planned to do the 4th Pop Dream this month, but as you can see I wasn’t able to, maybe it’ll come out in January. Similarly, Jason is hoping that the 4th What the Funny will be done some time in January; it seems unlikely that there will be any major blog entries this week. Also, this probably doesn’t need to be said, but the other segments like Videots, Wild World of Shows, Cartoon Country, Beyond the Background, Unpopular Opinions and the like will still continue; we won’t cease to work on them just because we’re planning to continue Pop Dream and What the Funny. Plus, segments like PD or WTF are meant to be special; the plan is and has always been to sprinkle them throughout the blog as a special treat to look forward to among the other regular segments.

Also, remember Twinsanity Toons, that fiction blog that we attempted a couple of years ago but folded after just a few weeks? Well, there’s been the on-and-off thought about taking another shot at that. Don’t get us wrong. Twinsanity is a variety blog, as it’s always been. We’re not going to split it up into 2 blogs. If we do indeed embark on this, it would be more of a side project. Jason has said that the only way he’d do a 2nd blog is if it offered something different from the current one, and we don’t generally write fiction on Twinsanity, so this would be something different. We’re discussing some possible ideas for setting, characters, etc. I don’t want to reveal too much until it looks like we’re actually going to do it, but we definitely won’t be calling the fiction blog “Twinsanity Toons”. We can be more creative than that. The plan is for the fiction stories to focus on one specific set of characters in one specific setting, rather than the ‘grab-bag’ formula that this blog embodies. Again, I’d rather not reveal too much too early, since we’re still playing around with characters, ideas and concepts, but if anything connected to this idea becomes solid, you’ll here it here first, and we’ll provide you with the new URL should it come to that.

Two words keep resonating through my head whenever I can get a free moment to sit down on try to concentrate on Twinsanity: bigger and wilder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what we’ve been doing here; our work starting from 2013 and up (IMO) has been quite good, but I guess every artist has their own personal Mount Everest that they want to to climb; I just can’t help feeling like I could be pushing the envelope even further. I’d like to really start making some extra-good, super-wild stuff in the coming months. That’s one reason why we’re pushing to transform this blog into a full-blown site; there’s so much we’d like to do that goes beyond the confines of a mere blog. We have been moving away from the ranty stuff and that’s good, ’cause I wanted to take Twinsanity in a more positive direction, and when we start producing videos, I plan to keep things more fun and positive. It’s like playing that fortune cookie game where you add “in bed” to the fortune; a lot of the things we plan to do are similar to what other YouTubers and content creators are doing, only Bigger and Wilder. For example, I’d like to make videos similar to Jill Bearup (aka Sursum Ursa)’s Stuff You Like…only Bigger and Wilder. What the Funny was born out of Jason’s desire to make something similar to Chris Stuckmann’s Hilariocity reviews…only Bigger and Wilder. My latest Videots installments were meant to emulate Ryan Molina (of Battle Geek Plus)’s Awesome Video Game Memories…only Bigger and Wilder. You get the idea. Plus, there aren’t a ton of other producers who cover animation extensively aside from Rebel Taxi and TheMysteriousMrEnter; I’ve only seen assorted bits from the former and how we cover cartoons is NOTHING like the latter. Sorry to any fans of MrEnter, but we’re not going to do what he does at all. First off, the dude’s a freak; the guy over-reacts and rants and screams like a maniac about cartoons starring pastel-colored talking horses; he takes My Little Pony more seriously than any sane adult should. Second, Enter is obsessed with heart and emotional moments in animation, and while I can appreciate fine art, for the most part I don’t have time for the touchy-feely stuff. Enter takes these silly cartoons way too seriously, and this is coming from someone who one day plans to forge a career making silly cartoons. Someone’s gotta focus on the laughs, goofiness and the fun side of cartoons and cartoon culture, and that’s what we do. It is my hope that our videos and future installments will be both like stuff you’ve seen before and like nothing you’ve seen before.

In short, no need to panic; we’re still alive and we’re still working on Twinsanity. Here’s hoping that 2017 will be bigger, better, wilder, more productive and more fun than 2016.


Heck, it couldn’t get much worse.

Yearly Wrap-Up 2015

This is earlier than we usually do the annual Wrap-Up, I know, but since it’s Christmas Eve and I honestly don’t know how often I’ll be able to post in the next couple of days and weeks, what with the holidays and all, I figured I’d do the yearly summation now while I’ve got all my thoughts together.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room…


‘Sup, ‘yall?

Those of you who know us from Toon Zone may have noticed that neither Jason nor myself have made a post there since November 10th (yeah, we marked the date); that’s because we’ve both basically retired from TZ, and message boards in general. I don’t wish to drum up a lot of high-school mud-slinging BS–we don’t do that here, not anymore–so I’ll spare you the ugly details; the short story is that we’ve been unhappy there for some time and for the sake of my own sanity and happiness I needed to make a drastic change in my life and daily routine; most of the people who we came to know as friends and allies on the boards have since moved on, either started other venues, gotten busy with their own lives and responsibilities in real life or just plain left, and I was really getting tired of having the same debates with the same people over the same subjects again and again, and I’ve gotten far too many slaps on the knuckles from people who at this stage in my life I really don’t feel like I should have to be taking guff from. I’ve had to bite my tongue so much over there that it now looks like a dog’s chew toy. When I got raked over hot coals just for pointing out a few spelling errors, I knew my time on Toon Zone was over. Something had to change, and the Powers That Be over at TZ made it crystal clear that they were never going to change, so I had to change myself. I knew the day when I separated myself from message boards altogether was coming, and I couldn’t have gotten a bigger sign if it had been blazing on a burning bush. It was just time for me to move on.

The More You Know

And now you know.

Now on to more pleasant news: thankfully, we don’t have any major changes in the works for Twinsanity at this point; 2015 has been a good year for the site and the content we’ve been producing now has been pretty good, if I do say so myself. I’ve had a lot of fun posting here this past year, and I’ve really enjoyed the style and subject matter we’ve been tackling. There haven’t been that many Highly Opinionated articles this year, and I for one am glad; don’t get me wrong, schooling the ignorant, ill-informed, confused and unwashed can be cathartic, but I’d be upset if that were all we were doing. I never wanted the rant posts to become what this site is known for. I’ve always wanted Twinsanity to be a fun place where we can geek out over the cartoons and media that we love and share that celebration with like-minded individuals, and that’s the path I want to stay on.

This is another reason why I’m currently not on any message boards: I’m really starting to get tired of the same rants from people who cry that the sky is falling  (“Oh noes! Warner Brothers is dying!” “Cartoon Network is dying! 2D animation is dying!!”) whenever they don’t like certain shows or movies or when something they do like gets canceled, when these things happen on TV and movies all the time. It always just degenerates into the same people nostalgically pining away for “the good ol’ days” instead of actual intelligent discussion. Over time, I’ve come to realize that I/we don’t have to respond to every single insane statement or opinion that someone spews out; no matter what you do, some people are always going to remain stubborn, some people choose to remain secured in their tiny bubbles of ignorance, and these people are simply beyond help. Some people just want to bark at the moon, and those people are best ignored. If a topic or opinion grinds our gears significantly enough to inspire a Highly Opinionated, then we’ll post one, but I’m no longer actively seeking those out, I’ve stopped doing that a while ago; I really don’t have the passion for or interest in those sort of topics that I used to. I just plain enjoy the humorous and creative posts more, and in 2016 and beyond I plan to continue doing more of those over taking fools to school. These days I’d rather spend my time geeking out over things I enjoy than snarking about things I don’t.

This is probably the only time you’re going to get a sports metaphor out of me, so you might want to mark this day on your calendar: I think Jason (Goldstar) should be named MVP of Twinsanity this year. It was his decision and machinations that led to the resurrection and restructuring of the defunct Reviews on the Run segments and the subsequent renaming of that segment to the much better Cartoon Country; this will go down in the annals of Twinsanity as one of the single best moves either of us have made here to date. The Cartoon Countries both pop and rock, and I actually look forward to doing them as opposed to Reviews on the Run, which I dreaded having to do and would have to practically fist-fight myself to research and type them. I enjoy these new non-reviews, abridged reviews and quasi-reviews far more than I ever did the actual reviews. Now that we’ve come to realize that we don’t have to review every new cartoon that comes down the pike, now that we only cover shows that we’re genuinely interested in, now that the subject matter need not be about a new show, or even a currently running show, that they can be just about a single episode of a show, or just a single scene or act from a particular episode of a show, we can do a lot more with Cartoon Country; it covers a lot more ground, it’s far less repetitive and it allows for shorter, less essay-like content, which I just plain do much better and enjoy much more. The numbers speak for themselves: there have only been 7 Reviews on the Run (not counting the early ones we did on Blogger which were so bland and uninspired that we didn’t feel the need to port them over to WordPress) and to date there have been 23 Cartoon Countries in just the one year since we started doing them. Overall, I’m enjoying the free-form style we’ve been doing here lately, and in 2016 I plan to continue going this route with the articles, only bigger and better.

I’ve started some (very) rudimentary attempts at videos; the webcam I have now sucks, so I’m going to get a better camera as well as more professional lighting. I don’t half-ass anything; when we’re ready start making videos for this site, I want them to look as good and be as professional as possible. So, yes, that’s happening.

Finally, you may have noticed that this year in the articles we’ve been making the odd foray into original characters and premises here; this is most evident in the ‘Flip the Script’ articles (which is actually reminiscent of an idea for a segment I had a few years ago called “If We Made It”, where we would entail our spins on already existing shows) and miscellaneous articles such as Superhero City: A Visitor’s Guide. This ties into and may hopefully lead to something that I’ve wanted to do for some time: post original works of fiction, complete with original illustrations. If all goes well, Twinsanity could start boasting some original works of fiction, in fact both of us are currently working on ideas (which could possibly become a single idea depending on what happens) about a family unit who reside in a unique residence in a toyetic cartoon world; each of us have been wanting to do something with a kooky family and a crazy house for some time….well, it’s a work in progress; hopefully something will come of this idea sometime in the next year.

So that’s it. Expect no major changes to occur on Twinsanity, just for things to get bigger and better and for the production values here to increase. The ultimate goal is still the same: for Twinsanity to to expand and shed its’ blog skin and emerge as a full-blown website. We’re tentatively calling this dream project TWINSANITY 2.0.

Oh, and one more thing: by January 14th, the URL will expire, and will become the only URL that directs you to this site. If you haven’t done it already, make sure to bookmark us as, because that’s going to be the site’s only URL very shortly.

Nothing else to say, except Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Festivus for all you Seinfeld fans, Happy New Year and we look forward to you joining us for more nonsense and nuttiness next year.