Yearly Wrap-Up 2017

End of 2017

We’re approaching the end of the road…

It’s that time again: our final blog post of the year, where we offer up a brief summation of the site’s activities and our plans for Twinsanity’s future.

As 2017 winds to a close, if I were to try and sum things up in a single term, it would probably be:

Roller Coaster


To say that 2017 had its’ fair share of ups and downs is an understatement. 2017 seemed to be the year of Delays and Distractions, as a lot of this year’s planned blog posts had to be pushed back or rescheduled for various reasons. If there’s one thing we’d both like to see happen in 2018, we hope that production will pick up here; we’d really like to get back to a pattern where we’re producing new material here on a fairly regular basis once more. Here’s hoping.

This time there aren’t a lot of new things to report for next year; as of this writing we don’t currently have any new segments planned (aside from the ones which will be made as videos*), rather we simply plan to make more and better entries of the current roster of segments. At the moment we have 4 Cartoon Countries in the works, a couple of Toon Adjacents, a Videots and a Retro Bin. I’d like to do another Cartoon Couch and Jason says he’d like to do another TV Special Showdown, but in order to do either would first require a subject.

We would’ve liked to have done something holiday themed this year, but it just never happened, partially because so many other blog posts had to be pushed back. I had considered doing a Toon Adjacent for Beetlejuice’s Rock-n-Roll Graveyard Revue, but I didn’t get the idea to do it until after Halloween, and by then the entries I had planned for September got pushed back to October. Similarly, Jason had considered doing a mini Cartoon Country of the MAD sketch “Fantastic Four Christmases”, but he was also so busy working on the posts which were delayed from September and October that Christmas came and went before he got to do it. Maybe we’ll get to do those next year.

Top priority right now is to get out the final entries of the current Pop Dream and What The Funny miniseries, so that we can embark on the next series of each, which will most likely be around February or March. In each case, we know what the next installments of each will be focusing on, but we don’t want to reveal them just yet. You’ll have to wait until the current miniseries are finished before we make the official announcements.

We’re still on extended vacation from superhero themed posts, and expect that to continue in the upcoming months. While there may be the occasional cape post turning up once in a while (like the Toon Adjacent “X-Men Infinity??” or the Nerdvana “The Tech Factor”, which was mostly about superheroes), Twinsanity’s primary animation focus will still be comedy cartoons and toyetic cartoons over the action-oriented titles. We prefer comedy over action, that’s just how we roll.

*Regarding some of those aforementioned video segments, among them will be a new incarnation of 2 Funny. It’s still the same basic idea: comedy sketches, only this time the skits will be written and performed by us instead of us just embedding someone else’s works. Another video segment we’re considering is called The Couch; in it, we sit on a couch, watch something on TV and make fun of it. There are other video segment ideas we’re kicking around, but there will still be the familiar animation-themed segments you’ve come to enjoy, such as Cartoon Country, The Retro Bin/Cartoon Couch etc., only in video form. The basic theme of the Twinsanity video series will be cartoons, fun stuff, funny stuff, stupid stuff and geek stuff”.

2017 to 2018

So as always, we’d like to give all of you who’ve been following Twinsanity, liking us, commenting on our nonsense and all a big thank you for sticking around, and we wish you all a Happy Holidays and we look forward to entertaining you with more animation and geek culture themed things in 2018. In the meantime, relax, kick back and pop open the bubbly, ’cause we already have.


See ya next year.

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