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This morning, Damon and I came across this little thread by a member of the Toon Zone Forums. This little piece o’ flamebait was written by a member who has a serious mad-on for Boomerang and who was 47-years-old at the time of his initial post on the forum. This is the kind of post that gets closed immediately (and rightfully so!), which it did, but the statements made in this tidbit of haterade were so over-the-top ridiculous and silly that we just had to put in our 2 cents (or 4 cents, collectively). To avoid confusion, here’s the code: The original poster’s comments are typed in the default text color (in this case, black). Damon’s comments are in blue, while mine are in purple.

Nickelodeon sucks for one reason and one reason only.

We’re off to a great start so far. Hooray, one-sided rant threads!

Their morning block is too lengthy, the pre-school television hogwash that they show each morning is a load a crock if you ask me,

Nobody asked you. How is a 48-year-old adult with no children supposed to judge the merits of a block of programming designed for preschoolers? Of course, you’re entitled to watch Nick Jr., if that’s your choice, but it’s pretty ignorant for you to be so critical of the block, since you’re judging it solely on it’s entertainment value and you’re much too far outside of Nick Jr.’s target demographic for your opinion on it to be taken seriously. Either accept the block for what it is or don’t deal with it at all. Adults complaining about preschool shows is like women complaining about the shows on Spike, or gangsta rappers complaining about CMT.
I hate Blue’s Clues and i’m glad they got rid of it,
Wow. an adult doesn’t like a TV show that’s intended for kids aged 2 to 5. Shocker. I wasn’t a fan of Blues’s Clues either, but that’s because I’m a grown adult with no children and as such, I never watched Blue’s Clues often enough to have any strong emotions toward the show, positive or negative. Again, why is a grown-ass adult even watching Blues’ Clues to complain about it? You think that Blue’s Clues is immature and inane? No shit, Sherlock. It’s Blue’s Clues. The show wasn’t supposed to grow and mature, you were! You want more mature and intellectually stimulating programming? There’s everything else on TV that’s not a preschool block! 
and I hope that they get rid of Dora the Explorer also, ever since 2006, i’ve thought of her and boots as crack head alcoholics…

Comparing a 5-year-old girl and her pet monkey to crackheads and alcoholics. Very mature for a guy pushing 50. OK, comparing the behavior of, say, the Mysteries, Inc. gang on Scooby Doo to that of hopped-up dope fiends works because those fictional characters have actually displayed signs of stereotypical stoner behavior (constantly having the munchies, drifting around aimlessly with no sign of employment, spending much of their time in a van, etc.), but trying to do the same joke with Dora the Explorer doesn’t work at all because neither Dora nor Boots have ever exhibited any sort of behavior that’s comparable to that of a crack head or an alcoholic Why do you think of these characters as “crack head alcoholics”? Could it be because you have no frelling idea how crack heads and alcoholics typically act like? Doing so says far more about the person making the comment then it does about the comment itself. The irony being that anyone is who thinks that calling characters on shows tailored for little kids by mindless adult terms such as “crack heads” is a sign of maturity is the exact opposite of mature.

Get rid of Dora? Not gonna happen anytime soon. Dora the Explorer is one of Nick Jr.’s, nay, one of Nick’s biggest cash cows right now. Dora merchandise is everywhere. The little chica isn’t going anywhere as long as she and Boots continue to put butts into seats, so my advice to you is to simply change the channel when she comes on. Here’s how I handle the TV shows that I don’t like: I just pick up that little remote control device that came with my set and push those little buttons with the numbers on them. The stuff I don’t find entertaining I just don’t watch. It’s literally that simple. And was the whole “Dora and Boots are crackhead alcoholics” remark supposed to be clever or funny? ‘Cause it failed on both counts. That was neither accurate, smart nor humorous. I’m guessing you heard these terms used to describe something or someone else and thought that would be a really cool snap to make on a children’s cartoon character, but it only succeeded in making you look like a socially inept shut-in.

…and that bubble guppies and max and ruby stuff that nobody my age cares about anyway

As previously stated, nothing on Nick Jr. is intended to entertain people your age. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you like them or not. If you truly didn’t care about these preschool targeted shows, you wouldn’t have created this dumb ass rant thread complaining about them on a public message board in the 1st place. Furthermore, in your rant, you even acknowledge that you’re too old to be watching these programs, let alone care about them, thus you defeated your own argument. Good job. Would  you like some salt to go with that foot?

 they already have NickJr. the channel so why even have a morning block on Nickelodeon if there is a channel dedicated to that jargain.

What’s “jargain”? That’s not a word. Did you mean to type ‘jargon’? But jargon is meaningless talk or writing, it’s not a block of TV shows. Anyway, I honestly don’t understand why some people think that just because Nickelodeon created a separate channel for Nick Jr., that this means that the Nick Jr. block would go away (or should go away). Most of the people complaining about this are either too young or immature to understand things from a business perspective. If you don’t get it, allow me to explain: Nick Jr. (the channel) is a digital exclusive extra channel, while Nick Jr. (the block) is basic cable. Most people are unable (or unwilling) to pay an additional fee on top of their regular cable/satellite fee for an extra digital package just to get the Nick Jr. channel. Also, Nick Jr. (the block) is doing too well in the ratings for Nick to just drop it. If you really don’t like the programming on Nick Jr., you could, I don’t know, watch something else, maybe. Nobody is forcing you watch Nick Jr. at all. Watch something else. Read a book, Go outside. Seriously. An adult over 40 shouldn’t need to be told this.

However, even though Disney Junior has a channel now, I like the fact that they still have a block on Disney channel
OK, so earlier, you were ripping apart Nickelodeon for having both a block and a separate channel for Nick Jr., and now you’re praising Disney for doing the exact same thing, even though Nick did it first. Can you say “hypocrite”, boys and girls?
the reason it is so good is cause they don’t run it too long, off by 12 or 1 which is better than Nick which runs their block from 8 to 2, Disney’s block has shows worth watching, Nick’s block runs too long with a sequence of shows nobody cares about.

“Nobody cares about Nick Jr.”? The block’s ratings say otherwise. If that were truly the case, then neither Cartoon Network or Disney Channel would have bothered launching (or attempting to launch in CN’s case) their own preschool blocks and later channels to counteract Nick Jr. By “nobody” you mean yourself. YOU don’t care about Nick Jr.’s shows, as well you shouldn’t, seeing as how you’re a grown-ass man with no kids. I honestly don’t know what’s sadder: you deluding yourself into thinking that you somehow represent Nick Jr.’s audience, or that you even want to put yourself in that position in the first place. And at what hour Nick chooses to end its’ preschool programming shouldn’t matter one whit to you, since you’re not being forced to sit through a second of it. Anybody who says, “So-and-so preschool block is bad because it goes on for too long” has obviously never had to stay home all day with a small child; if you actually had to watch some little ankle-biter during the day, you’d want all the kiddie blocks to go on for as long as possible.

8 A.M. to 2 P.M.? Those are the same hours that kids aged 7-12 are in school. Coincidence? What else is Nick supposed to air during those hours? Nickelodeon is channel for kids, and it wouldn’t make much sense running general Nick shows during the hours when Nick’s target audience isn’t at home to watch them. Nick Jr. has since become a boon for stay-at-home moms (and stay-at-home dads) to keep their little brats distracted while they go do housework or whatever. Why should Nick terminate it’s preschool block just because 1 grown-ass adult is too lazy to change the channel to something else or to get up off the couch and go do something else?

This whole argument of yours is stupid. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. You’re basically saying “I like this network’s little kid shows, but not this other networks’ little kid shows”. That makes no sense. Even if you were a teenager who just wanted all the little kid shows gone, that would also be a stupid argument for reasons already stated, but there would at least be some kind of rationale behind it, regardless of how profoundly stupid, immature and egotistical said argument would be. You can’t be against one preschool block and simultaneously be in favor of another, especially since you’re not judging these blocks on any kind of viable or rational level. Any shade of credibility you might have had (assuming there was any to begin with) got tossed right out the window the instant you indicated that you play favorites. You could just not watch the shows you don’t like, or better yet, instead of watching preschool shows all day, try and find a job so you can move out of your parents’ basement and get a life.

My final and most favorite of all Boomerang is even better than Nick, miss the days when it was a block, as for the channel, they’ve shown a lot of awesome cartoons from my past that i’ve enjoyed watching since 2003, they’ve done good lately, IMO they would get a lot of praise if they were able to find a way to bring back beloved classics that haven’t been shown in a long time(such as the Looney Tunes for example).

Um, why in the blue hell are you comparing Nick to Boomerang? The latter is a ad-free digital bonus tier rerun channel aimed primarily at nostalgic baby boomers and Generation Xers, while the former is a commercial basic cable premier kids’ channel. They’re not the same thing at all. That’s like comparing OWN to Fuel TV. And what do you mean “Looney Tunes haven’t been shown in a long time”? A sizable chunk of the LT shorts air on Cartoon Network 5 times a week, and DVDs, streaming videos and even illegal copies of the shorts on sites like YouTube and Dailymotion have been circulating both online and offline for years. You’d know that if you’d ever quit acting like Boomerang is the only channel you’re permitted to watch. I understand that Boomerang is your channel, dude, but seriously. Get off your lazy ass and leave your comfort zone once in a while to look around for other sources for these shows. You are not beholden to TV, be it Boomerang, Nick Jr., Disney Junior or otherwise. That you even care this much about this subject comes off as seriously sad, pathetic and downright fanboyish on your part, and that you’re THIS fired up about it just shows us all that despite being light years removed from the age bracket these shows are targeted towards, you’ve still got a boat-load of growing up to do.

For anybody that may not understand this topic, this is my comparison and personal opinions and views of cartoon blocks turned tv channels.
Nick Jr. and Disney Junior aren’t cartoon blocks; they’re preschool entertainment blocks. Neither are, nor have they ever been, exclusively cartoon blocks, nor has either ever been promoted as such. And again, this “comparison” makes zero sense because you’re not judging it from any kind of logical or rational viewpoint; you’re entire argument is “This block stinks because I, an adult over 40 years of age, doesn’t find a bunch of shows that are tailored for preschoolers to be entertaining!” Anyway, that’s probably something that you just should have specified at the beginning of your thread instead of the end of it.

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