Adult Swim should embrace it’s inner classic

Think about it: Adult Swim is an 8 hour program block which consists of 4 hours of programming that is shows once and then repeated, much of which consists of 2 half hours of King of the Hill, followed by 2 half hours of Family Guy, followed by 2 airings of Robot Chicken. Granted, RC is only 15 minutes long, so that’s really only 1 half hour, but still, this AS lineup has been around longer than Europe. Why can’t AS use some of that airtime to shill some of the classic cartoons which helped put Cartoon Network on the map in the 1st place? If Turner insists on giving us an additional hour of AS, why not devote that extra hour to something that we haven’t seen a hundred times before? How about some Late Night Looney Tunes or some MGM Uncensored? How some late night airings of Toon Heads, or O Canada? Heck, even Sunday Pants might be nice to break the monotony once in a while. But I guess that Williams Street is more interested in shoving Family Guy reruns down our collective throats. Goodness knows that one can never get enough FG. there are 1 or 2 episodes that I still haven’t completely memorized yet. Shoot, who needs variety anyway?

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