What’s In a Name?

Hey, guys and gals. This is the artist formerly known as Blackstar here. Just thought I’d give everyone a quick heads up on some very minor news:

Starting today, I’ve changed my username from Blackstar to Goldstar, so if you read any posts here at Astral City with the name Goldstar attached, you’ll know that it’s me. This is a move which I had planned to make back on Toon Zone, had I stayed there. Why the change? Well, it’s mainly that after some bad experiences that I’ve had with certain individuals at TZ, the username Blackstar has since become associated with unpleasantness and disdain, and I’d like to make a fresh start. I’m not that guy anymore, so I’ve decided to bury that username and all of the negativity that had become attached to it. Also, I just plain like the way that Goldstar sounds; The DC comics character Booster Gold was originally going to call himself ‘Goldstar’, but his high school nickname “Booster” stuck in everyone’s mind.

Anyway, I’ll be going by the name Goldstar from now on. Goldstar isn’t someone else; it’s still me, but with a different username. Thanks for reading.

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