Why The Test Twins Are Awesome!

  1. They’re cute.
  2. They’re twins. We multiple births have to stick together.
  3. They’re geniuses. Big ups to the super geeks!
  4. They make wearing thick framed glasses seem cool.
  5. They have an amazing high-tech laboratory stored within their otherwise ordinary suburban house. Yeah, Dexter did it first, but it’s still very cool.
  6. They wear those symbols (Susan – star, Mary – crescent moon) as hair clips and also on their shorts and those symbols are present on everything they wear.
  7. They once dressed as super villains with stylish hair and black spandex outfits.
  8. Mary has that cute voice and wears those cute green moon insignia sneakers.
  9. Susan wears that adorable mini-skirt.
  10. They genetically modified Johnny’s dog Dukey, giving him human intelligence, the ability to speak and mad martial arts skills. Top that, Dog Whisperer!
  11. They’re the best thing about Johnny Test. Easily. It certainly isn’t Johnny himself, whom I find to be nails-across-a-chalkboard annoying.

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