"Reviews On the Run" is Back!…Sort Of

Hey, guys.

As those who have been following us know, as of this year we decided to no longer post reviews of current shows, thus retiring our Reviews On the Run segments. Well, today we’re pleased to announce that RotR will be returning to The Twin Factor!

But we’re still done posting reviews of current TV shows.

Instead, we’ll be using RotR to review the weirdest, kookiest and campiest one-and-done TV specials, something we’ve been wanting to tackle for a little while here. (Since RotR’s subject matter will be getting more specific, I considered changing the segment’s name, to ‘A Very Special Special’ or something similar, but I kind of like the name Reviews On the Run, so we’ll be sticking to that for now.) We’ll be starting with our snarky review of Hanna-Barbera’s “masterpiece”, Hanna-Barbera’s All-Star Comedy Ice Review. Expect this and other TV special riffs coming soon.

Reviews On the Run is back, babeh!

5 Stars!

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