Ad Nausea: Slimer Toothpaste

Cartoon characters schilling consumer products is nothing new in the industry, and The Real Ghostbusters, the 1986 to 1991 Saturday morning cartoon series based on the 1994 hit movie was no exception. When going through the archives, I came across this commercial for a product called Slimer Toothpaste. It even boasts an appearance by the green ghost himself, but only Slimer. Come now, you weren’t expecting any of the Ghostbusters themselves to appear in this, did you? They’d want money, especially Peter. Apparently, it was toothpaste that came in 2 flavors: grape and bubble gum. I never saw this stuff being sold anywhere, but it’s not the strangest idea I’ve ever heard. It still sounds better than OJ orange flavored cereal or Cap’n Crunch’s Punch Crunch. That stuff was straight up nasty! Anyway, here’s the commercial:

Check out Slimer’s facial expression when he and the kids are about to brush. Dude looks lobotomized. He was probably so blitzed out on Ecto Cooler that he doesn’t even remember shooting that ad. Anyway, is it just me, or is the mom in this ad kind of hot?

OK…It must just be me, then. Moving on. Given the time frame of this commercial. It’s possible that this ad served as a precursor to the season of the Real Ghostbusters Saturday morning cartoon when the shows’ producers decided to have Slimer star in his own solo segments and even put the character’s name over the title.
Anyone remember this?

Yeah, that’s pretty much my thoughts on that season also.


One thought on “Ad Nausea: Slimer Toothpaste

  1. Slimer toothpaste? So Slimer can be on your teeth? Because everybody wants an obnoxious booger in their mouth, right?

    Also, sorry, that mom isn't hot…at all. Granted I'm 16 and you're 40-something, but still.


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