Toons & Tunes: Police Academy: The Series Intro

Today’s Toons & Tunes is the opening to the 1998-89 animated series based on the famous Police Academy films starring Steve Guttenberg, Michael Winslow, Bubba Smith, David Graf, Bobcat Golthwait, Tim Kazurisnky, George Gaynes, et al, none of whom lent their voices to the cartoon show, sadly. I had successfully put this series behind my thoughts until Hobbyfan brought it bubbling back to the surface on Saturday Morning Archives.

I probably won’t be doing a Retro Bin on this show because while I do remember the show airing, many of the actual episodes blur together for me. The main thing I remember about Police Academy: The Series, aside from the customized vehicles the cops drove around in (Officers Tackleberry and Callahan’s patrol car resembled a mini-tank, for example) and how “off” Zed’s voice sounded (the voice actor didn’t even sound like he was trying to imitate Bob Golthwait) was the show’s theme song, which even then I remember thinking was pretty cool for a toon that was basically a farce. It was silly, but in a good way. Fun fact: the show’s theme song was performed by comedy rap group The Fat Boys, who also appeared in a single episode of the show playing themselves. Enjoy.


One thought on “Toons & Tunes: Police Academy: The Series Intro

  1. Some more fun facts regarding 'Police Academy: The Series':

    – Captain Harris was voiced by well known Canadian Voice actor Len Carlson.

    – As previously stated, none of the movie actors reprized their roles for the animated series, not even Michael Winslow as Larvell Jones. However, there was an equally short lived (26 episodes) live action syndicated series based on 'Police Academy' in which, ironically, Michael Winslow was the only actor from the films to return as a series regular. Mr. Winslow also voiced Jones in the 'Robot Chicken' sketch which fused 'Police Academy' with the 'X-Men' live action movies. Again, Winslow was the only actor to reprise his movie role.


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