Nerdvana: In a Lifetime by Clannad (duet with Bono)

Since it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought that I would present one of my favorite songs of all time, which was performed by one of my favorite Irish bands, Clannad. Damon can attest to this because I’ve listened to this song  A LOT! In fact, this is the song that introduced me to the band.

My first ever exposure to Clannad was when I saw this video on Night Tracks, a six hour long block of music videos which ran on Friday and Saturday nights on TBS (basically, it was TBS’ answer to MTV. This was the 1980s, you have to remember).This number also features guest vocals by another Irish born artist, Bono of U2, which is undoubtedly the reason why TBS aired the video, since Clannad is mostly a new age/alternative band that isn’t known for performing mainstream pop music. After seeing this video, I immediately sought out to learn more about Clannad, which soon afterwards led to my purchasing an audio cassette (again, this was the 80s) of their album Machella, and I’ve been a Clannad fan ever since. Clannad also performed the background music for the British series The Adventures of Robin Hood (most notably, the shows’ opening theme “Robin, The Hooded Man”, which is on the band’s compilation album Past Present, which I also own. This song is delightfully, hauntingly melancholy, yet outstandingly epic at the same time. Enjoy “In a Lifetime”:

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