Nerdvana: More Favorite Cutie Marks

Back in June, Damon (Silverstar) posted a Nerdvana segment in which he discussed his favorite Pony Tribes ‘N’ Cutie Marks. Inspired by this, I’ve decided to list some additional Cutie Marks that I prefer. I don’t have anything to add about the tribes, so I won’t be discussing those. Also, these choices won’t be listed in any particular order, so I won’t be numbering them.

And before anyone asks, no, I won’t be reviewing the recent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”. As good as the episode was, I won’t be writing a review of it because a) as was stated a few times before, this isn’t a review site, and b) literally everyone on the internet and their Uncle Gus has reviewed that episode by now, so there’s no reason for me to. That said, let the nerd talk begin!



Applejack's Cutie Mark

Applejack doesn’t get the attention that characters like Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie get, but we here at Twinsanity like to root for underdogs. AJ has a laid back down home quality to her that I find to be quite appealing. Applejack’s Cutie Mark is likewise lacking in bells and whistles. Yeah, it’s just 3 apples, but sometimes a design can be brilliant in it’s simplicity.

Incidentally, we’re also fans of the Apple Family and Sweet Apple Acres, so I may be doing a separate piece on just them somewhere down the line…


“I’m a-pickin’…”

“…And I’m a-grinnin’!” 





On the subject of Applejack, I’m going to give honorable mention to AJ’s Aunt and Uncle Orange, a pair of city-wise sophisticates from the big city of Manehattan. because I like the gag of the rural Apple family having sophisticated city cousins who are all named after oranges.



"There's only one thing that's better than having money, and that's having more money!"

“There’s only one thing that’s better than having money, and that’s having more money!”


Moon Dancer


Moon Dancer is an update of a G2 pony with the same name. Again, I like this Cutie Mark. The moon and 3 stars (or sparkles, depending on your point of view) with the 2 different shades of purple look good against that color. But just a piece of advice, Moon Dancer, get yourself a pair of glasses without tape on them. That’s not stylish.




Another update of a G1 pony who in this incarnation is Twilight Sparkle’s mother. I’m digging the combination of white and purple on the mane and tail. Again, her Cutie Mark is a pretty basic one: just 3 stars, but but sometimes simple wins out.




Sweetie Drops is the official name for this character that Hasbro has given her, while Bon-Bon is the name that was given to her by the MLP fans before her official name was revealed. Personally, I prefer Bon-Bon, myself. Anyway, Bon-Bon is usually seen with her “best friend” Lyra (yeah, they’re “good friends”. Let’s go with that), but her’s is the design that I like more. In addition to that bitchin’ blue and pink mane, her Cutie mark is 3 candies. I do like the cavity indicing sweet stuff.




The only G1 pony to make this list. While green wouldn’t be my first choice of color, I do like the Cutie mark design of musical notes.


From left to right, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo

From left to right, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo


I saved these 3 for last because as anyone who’s been following the show knows, the CMCs have only recently joined the ranks of Ponies with Cutie Marks. Notice how all of their Cutie Marks have the same design, only with different identifying symbols on them. I like how the symbols of each are actually personalized to the characters. I especially like Scootaloo’s wing/lightning bolt combo. I’m only a casual fan of the show, but the “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” episode was epic win. Congratulations, Crusaders! You’ve still got to go to bed at 9, but until then, party like rock stars! This note’s for you:


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