Cartoon Country: Slappy Squirrel – Who’s On Stage?

Today’s Cartoon Country is an excerpt from Warner Brothers’ Animaniacs!. Specifically, the Slappy Squirrel short titled “Woodstock Slappy”. In the short, the year is 1969 (a good year for me – it’s the year I was born!) and Slappy aims to get her nephew Skippy (who in this short is full on into hippie culture) out of the city and “away from all those bad influences”, like peace and love, “That stuff’ll warp your mind!” However, Slappy has the perfect timing to plan their getaway on the exact same date of Woodstock, the 3 day music festival of peace and love. The interactions that Slappy has with some of the famous musical performers of the time are hilarious, but one of THE highlights of this short is the following interaction between Slappy and Skippy:

This is what I loved about Animaniacs; you never knew what to expect. As if the premise of Slappy trying to crash Woodstock wasn’t funny enough, we also get an out of nowhere parody of Abbot & Costello’s famous “Who’s On First?” routine. You know what I call that? Genius!

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Country: Slappy Squirrel – Who’s On Stage?

  1. Slappy Squirrel was easily one of the highlights of Animaniacs. In fact, upon reflection, I think I mainly watched A! for the Warners and Slappy; the other segments I could either take or leave or just didn’t care much about, though Pinky & the Brain and the Goodfeathers had their moments.


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