Player Two Start!: Favorite Pokemon Types

As you can probably tell, I’m in kind of a Pokemon groove this month, so in today’s Player Two Start I’ll be geeking out over my favorite Pokemon types, and my favorite Pokemon therein. NOTE: these are just my personal favorites; opinions can and will vary. Also, I won’t be getting super-duper technical with the game specs, since I’m light years from being an expert in that field. Finally, these won’t be in any particular order, so I won’t be numbering them. That said, let’s begin:

Y’know, it’s weird: I have a West Coast mindset, I love warm weather and summer and I hate the cold and winter, yet I love me some Ice Pokemon; I’ve always liked ice powers in general for some reason. I like to think of them as a rockin’ Cold Stone Creamery cone on a summer’s day.

Favorite Ice Pokemon: DELIBIRD

I was this close to picking Cloyster since it can fire a freakin’ ice beam, but I gotta give props to Delibird. He’s a penguin Pokemon who can fly, that’s already notable, and also he looks like an avian Santa Claus and gives out Presents as one of his attacks. Who doesn’t love to get gifts?

Another reason I like Ice Pokemon is because of the Elite Four trainer who specializes in Ice Pokemon, Lorelei.

Lorelei’s got an amazing set of….training skills. What did you think I was going to say?

“Plus she’s got some tig ol’ bitties, know whut I’m sayin’?”

“Cool, man!”


I’ve got my Third Eye on you!

I’ve also always been into psychic powers, so naturally I gravitated towards Psychic Pokemon immediately. I love messing with peoples’ minds…with my mind.

Favorite Psychic Pokemon: MEWTWO

I. Am. A Pokemon Badass.

Again, this was a close one; I almost picked Mew, since Mewtwo was cloned from Mew, but while Mew is cute and legendary all one with the cosmos and stuff, Mewtwo wasted an entire science lab when he first emerged into the world. That’s gotta be worth a few thousand badass points.

Coming in at a close second: GOTHORITA

In addition to being able to manipulate people with her psychic powers, she’s a humanoid Pokemon who looks like a Goth chick. Take it from someone who’s spent his fair share of time people-watching at the mall, Goth girls are hot.

“Everything sucks. Wanna talk about it?”


I absolutely LOVE that Dragons are a Pokemon type. I’ve always loved dragons. Dragons are awesome. Who wouldn’t want to have a dragon at your beckoned call? Scientists, take a break from cloning dinosaurs and create us a dragon or 2.

Favorite Dragon Pokemon: DRAGONITE

He’s big. He’s bright orange. He’s legendary. He’s a Dragon/Flying hybrid. He can fire an energy beam from his mouth. He rocks.

As with Ice types, another reason why I like Dragon Pokemon is because of a trainer who specializes in them, Iris.

Aside from possessing awesome hair, this little lady gets coolness points for showing us that you’re never too young, too small or too cute to…



Fairy Tails, plus fairy heads, limbs, brains and internal organs.

I was delighted when the Fairy type was created. I never thought Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Snubull worked as Normal types anyway.I love how there’s a Pokemon type dedicated to cuteness, dreams, magic and the awesomeness of pink.

“Yeah, I like Fairy Pokemon. They’re cute and whimsical. They fill my mind with images of rainbows, glitter and elven glades. Wanna make something of it, punk?!?”

Favorite Fairy Pokemon: SYLVEON

Eevee’s Fairy Evolution. It’s a peace-loving Pokemon that wraps its ribbonlike feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her and sends a soothing aura from its ribbonlike feelers to calm fights, charming its’ opponents so they won’t want to fight anymore.

“Yeah, we’re dreamy and lovely, but don’t start thinkin’ we Fairy types are wimps! I’ll chomp ya, man, I’ll chomp ya!”


Industrial Strength, baby.

On the flip side, another new type I’m a fan of is Steel, my favorite metal (other than Heavy). Steel Pokemon are just badass.

Favorite Steel Pokemon: SCIZOR and STEELIX (tie)

The former is a Steel/Bug type with huge pincers waiting to crush you (plus he looks like a cross between a mantis, a crab and a Corvette)…

…While the latter is the only thing cooler than a giant rock serpent, a giant STEEL serpent.

“I’m a Man of Steel…type Pokemon! Yeah, it was bad joke, but I can shoot beams of fiery death from my eyeballs. Gonna heckle me??”


The Order of the Fist

Come get some!!

I’m normally more into powers and finesse than brute force, but the whole “kick, punch, it’s all in the mind” bit does have a certain primal elegance to it.

Favorite Fighting Pokemon: HITMONLEE

He has no mouth, yet he wants to kick your ass. I think it’s kind of cool how Hitmonlee only uses kicks (as opposed to Hitmonchan, who only uses punches); reminds me of Sanji from One Piece, one of my favorite Straw Hat Pirates. How Hitmonlee eats, however,is anyone’s guess.

“Hey, you. Wanna rassle?”


Organic beings who can harness electricity are awesome sauce. You can win battles and keep your stuff charged.

Favorite Electric Pokemon: PIKACHU


Yeah, picking the obvious fan favorite as your favorite is kind of lame (it’s like choosing Michaelangelo as your favorite Ninja Turtle or Pinkie Pie as your favorite Pony), but I like cute creatures who kick ass. never underestimate the power of a small, yellow, electric rodent who can send shockwaves through his cheeks.

“These Pokemon will put a shock to your system! There, I said it!”

So there you have it, my favorite Pokemon types. One thing’s for sure, with this kind of power at your disposal, being a Pokemon trainer takes a whole lot of….

Well, you know.

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