Cartoon Country: Teen Titans – Dressing Up Like Robin

Today’s Cartoon Country comes to us from Teen Titans: TAS, specifically from season 4’s “The Quest”. After getting defeated in battle by a criminal martial artist, Robin heads East to seek out additional training from the legendary “True Master”. While he’s away, the other Titans try to fill the shoes (among other things) of their leader in this amusing B-plot. This is “Dressing Up Like Robin”.

Is it wrong that I enjoyed these kinds of goofy shenanigans more than superhero/action elements of the show? If Teen Titans GO! could consist of material like this instead of the characters shouting all of their lines and acting like uncaring, sociopathic a-holes, then I could enjoy that show.

One thought on “Cartoon Country: Teen Titans – Dressing Up Like Robin

  1. Teen Titans: TAS was full of moments like this, which is why I find it amusing when fans who hate Teen Titans GO! say “TTGO! is too dumb! The original series was serious!”. First, the Cartoon Network cartoon wasn’t the original series; (the Filmation animated shorts from the 1960s was the Teen Titans first TV series), and second, these fans seem to have forgotten about episodes like “Can I keep him?”, “Employee of the Month”, “Revved up”, “Fractured”, “Bunny Raven” and the 2 episodes with Mad Mod. The truth is that TT:TAS was also silly but it had some moments of intense action. Both series are/were silly, but TT;TAS was better written and had a better handle on the characters.

    Honestly, i don’t think that TT would have been as popular as it became had it been 100% serious. It likely would have been like Young Justice; a loyal fan base, but a small one.


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