2 Funny: Low Tide – Dance Guitar Dance

One of the funnier recurring segments on the late Fuel TV sketch comedy series Stupidface was a cartoon from Mike Hollingsworth called Low Tide, detailing the simple adventures, rendered in a very simplistic art style (the characters and backgrounds looked like notebook doodles come to life), of a trio slacker sea life buddies: Brian, an upbeat starfish, Friz, a somewhat snarky jellyfish (in reality, jellyfish are a collective species with no eyes, hearts or brains, but we’re going by cartoon rules here) and Herman, a slow-witted whale. Think SpongeBob Squarepants for slackers. On today’s 2 Funny, the guys head for the underwater arcade so Friz and Brain can square off on Dance Dance Hero and Guitar Revolution (nobody’s getting sued here). Here’s “Dance Guitar Dance”.

On Stupidface‘s second season, Hollingsworth made another series of animated shorts called Nature Break, which featured more intricate animation, but were more random and not as funny; Low Tide was definitely better.

2 Funny: CN Bumper Double-Play

We’re ending August with not one, but two of our favorite bumpers from Cartoon Network’s past. First up, CN’s various stars split off into high-school style cliques in “Sheep in the Big Cafeteria”.


Next up, Fred Flintstone and his lunch buddies Thundarr the Barbarian (give yourself a bonus geek star if you remember that Thundarr also appeared alongside Fred in the Harvey Birdman episode “The Dabba Don”) and Chicken (of Cow and Chicken fame) are returning from lunch (I guess they didn’t feel like dealing with the cafeteria hassles either) but are having trouble locating a place to park in “Parking Lot”. Give yourself a platinum geek star if you noticed some of the Wacky Races cars parked in the backgrounds. Also, Speed Buggy is parked; keep an eye out for him.


I generally try not to get too wrapped up in nostalgia, but I kind of wish CN still made spots like this. I understand that they were expensive to produce (they boasted original animation and the characters were voiced by their original or then current voice actors, and VOs need to be paid) but they were fun and creative. They made Cartoon Network seem like it’d be a fun place to work. Hey, there’s an idea: why doesn’t somebody make a show like 30 Rock, but with toons? I’d watch that.


2 Funny: SCTV – Peter Pan Live and Poochare

On this 2 Funny, we once again revisit the awsomeness of Canada’s SCTV with a double feature. The first sketch has a performance of Devine (played by the late John Candy) as Peter Pan and film producer David Steinberg (played by Martin Short) as Captain Hook at the Melonville (the fictional city in which SCTV was broadcast from) War Memorial Auditorium.

The 2nd sketch features Eugene Levy starring in the most stylish (not to mention the most 1980s) dog food commercial you ever saw!

This was back when there was a reason to stay home on Friday nights.

2 Funny/Player Two Start!: Pac-Man 256 Schf@#!

Today’s 2 Funny serves double duty as a Player Two Start, as it’s from Battle Geek Plus. The BGP gang’s rousing play of Pac-Man 256 (so named because the original Pac-Man automatically glitched out after 256 levels rather than having a true ending, as its’ programmers didn’t think anyone would actually get that far) inspires Josh Christopher to bust out with this truly bumpin’ geek rock earworm. I’ve been grooving on this one since last night. Here’s “Pac-Man 256 Schf@#!” WARNING: the language is a tad saltier than we usually try to get here. If there are young ‘uns in the house, you might want to put your headphones on.

I can never get enough geek rock, myself.

2 Funny: Gerry Todd & Droopy’s Good Deed

Happy Saturday Morning to Ya! Because we’re so reasonably fond of you, today’s 2 Funny is a double feature! First up, a favorite bit of ours from Canada’s legendary comedy series, SCTV. Rick Moranis gets an entire segment to shine as the original Videot. Here’s the first episode of “The Gerry Todd Show”.


-Next up, a classic MGM cartoon featuring Droopy Dog. Here, Droopy is a Boy Scout (so he’s a kid in this? OK) competing to perform a good deed in order to meet the President, but an adult bulldog bum steps in to snatch the prize for himself.¬†Enjoy “Droopy’s Good Deed”. (NOTE: this is the uncut version, so there are one or two ‘blackface’ gags in it that were clearly done pre-Political Correctness.)