Cartoon Country: Hero: 108 – Fast Forward

Today, Cartoon Country takes a unique look at Hero: 108.


Twinsanity has already covered this show in detail here and here, so there’s no need for show or character overviews, as we’d just be making like parrots by doing so. As you may recall, in those articles we mentioned how we’d both like to see a vision of the world of this show if that whole tedious war thing weren’t going on.

Lin Chung 2

Indeed, a fictional fantasy world in which humans and animals peacefully co-exist as near-equals (note I said ‘near’; more on that later) is a premise I’ve wanted to do something with for years, so today we’ll be boarding the handy-dandy time machine…

Time Machine

…An journeying to a time where the human/animal conflict is ancient history.

-Now, about the “near-equal” thing: anyone who regularly follows Twinsanity knows that I’m a strange bird. I like anthropomorphic animals, but I don’t like them to be too anthropomorphic; I’m not into ‘man-things’ who wear full compliments of clothing, drive cars, hold down jobs, etc. My feeling is if you’re going to anthropomorphize creatures that much, then there’s no point in making them animals at all; you might as well go the whole 9 yards and make them human. I like my cartoon animals, despite the intelligence hike, to still be, act like and be acknowledged as animals. Also, I personally like when animals appear alongside humans more than when they’re by themselves with no humans at all; yeah, that’s strange, but again I’m strange. So this setting will be less Zootopia and more Littlest Pet Shop, but with mysticism and without the language barrier.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s head…INTO THE FUTURE!


Hidden Kingdom

Welcome to Hidden Kingdom…of the Future. It’s been 50 years since the human/animal war (today known as The Kind of Big Deal) has come to an end.


Over half a century ago, after getting booted out of the Kingdom for insulting the then Emperor, a wicked trickster douche-nozzle named High Roller bribed the animals of Hidden Kingdom with candy and convinced them that the humans were their enemies. He then usurped the Emperor and took over, while animals all over the Kingdom threatened the humans and forced them out of their homes.

Hero 108 Character Lineup

That is, until a band of rebels formed an Alliance called Big Green, and fought to end the war.

Animal-Jam with Swords

These 108 heroes, armed with allies from the reformed animal kingdoms, oddly cool turtle transports and weird barely explained mystical powers, eventually defeated High Roller’s armies and toppled his empire, restoring peace. As for High Roller himself, let’s just say he was dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Animal Jam Tiger

“Yeah, he was ‘dealt with’ all right–for 35 minutes at 350 degrees, with marinade and 6 different spices. Papa’s havin’ steak tonight!”

Since then, a peace treaty was signed to ensure that such a conflict would never arise again. (The date of the signing of this treaty has since become a major holiday known as Harmony Day.) The animals agreed to never attack humans again, and in exchange the humans agreed to never hunt down or kill the animals for sport…

Elmer Fudd

“Well, cwap! Just take all the fun outta wife!”

…and to keep the animal kingdoms well stocked with candy.

Candy 2

A sweet deal!


Today, Hidden Kingdom is a peaceful, harmonious melting pot. Its’ populace consisting mainly of..


Exotic, adorable critters…


…And humans with quirky powers and skills.

Zootopia City 2

To accommodate the various races and species who live in Hidden Kingdom, there are various climates and landscapes placed all throughout the area.

Several of the animals live in the Hidden Wilds on the outskirts of Hidden City.

Animal Jam Woods

Guess you can tell the folks here really like the word ‘hidden’?

The Hidden Wild is where the Animal Kingdoms are located, presided over by a cabal of powerful animal shamans known as the Alpha Masters.


Trust me, you want to stay on their good side.

…While many more live as pets (or as they prefer to be called, ‘companions’) along with humans in Hidden City.



The East Citadel, the former Palace of the Emperor, has since been remade into an outdoor shopping center. It’s a little pricey, but they do validate parking and the pork stickers are to die for.

Big_Green 2


Big Green, which was once the headquarters for the rebels and heroes who fought the delicious High Roller during the war, is still around…


…But it’s since been redesigned and transformed into a luxury condominium. No, it’s not green anymore, but it kept the name, since it now functions as a mini-Biosphere full of various types of homes and areas for the City’s various human and animal occupants.

-Whaddaya say we hear from one of Big Green’s tenants, so we can get a 1st person viewpoint of what life in Big Green is like? Sound fun? Well, let’s do it anyway.

Penny Ling 5

“Hi, all! My name is Shao Lin and I’m adorable! As you can see, I’m a panda who loves her some bamboo, especially when it’s dipped in peanut butter. I usually just dip it in and eat it straight from the jar! But lately, I’ve been putting bananas in there. That’s right. Bananas! Crazy, right? I could see why you’d think so, but it tastes awesome! Try it!”


“What’s that? Talk about what? Animal/human relations? Is it Harmony Day again already?? Sorry, I don’t watch the news. Sure! Big Green’s great! I was born in the Wild, but I moved here when I was two and I’ve lived here ever since. The cable TV’s much better here at Big Green. I’m totally cool with humans! I guess I’d better be, since I live with 2 of them. We’re all great friends. In fact, we’re in a rock band together. You know that hit song, “L.A. Deli”, which was No. 2 on the charts for 18 weeks? That was us! Our band is called Binky! Our second choice was Barefoot. (I personally thought we should call ourselves Sir Uppington Smythe, after the inventor of the butt-ring, but I was outvoted.”)


“This is Sue Zookie, the lead singer in the band. She’s way into purple. Purple hair, purple outfits, purple nails, purple eyes, purple everything! Plus, she can fire purple laser beams from her eyes. The special effects for our shows are off-the-hook! And very purple!”

Elena 7

“This is Bianca Moon, the guitarist. She’s full-on into outer space. (I think she’s part alien or part astronaut.) She plays the cosmic guitar, which only a handful of people in the galaxy can play, and even fewer people can play well. Bianca says the cosmic guitar is a lot like the ocarina, only with more astral energy and less holes. She also does Capoeira (she only uses her hands for guitar strumming) and collects deely bopper antennae, toy rockets and dream catchers.”

Penny Ling 6

“Yours truly is the drummer. Since I was born in the Wild, I know all kind of jungle beats. They say I have a knack for beating on things! Though I’m not the band’s first percussionist.”

DCSHG Club Life

“Their original drummer was an octopus. In fact, the very first name of the band was Rocktopussy!”

Ed McMahon - Hiyoooo!

“Life in Big Green is way fun! Some of the other human tenants like to come over to play video games…


“…While we companions get together for our own parties.”

Animal Jam Party

“it’s not that we animals don’t like video games, they’re just not that enjoyable when you don’t have opposable thumbs!”

“The owner of Big Green is our landlord, Mr. ApeReally. He’s a descendant of Commander ApeTrully, the leader of the heroes who won that war from like, forever ago!”


Hero-108-ApeTrully Disguise

“He’s really the 105th Monkey King or something, so I don’t know why he disguises himself as a human.”


“Human?? I thought he was some kind of weird alien cardboard box man!”


“Human figures are hard to replicate in costume form, OK? And I wear this so I can date human hotties! I have the opposite of jungle fever, alright?! Now keep it down up here!”

“I’ve only ever met one other descendant of a war hero. Once we visited the Hidden Kingdom History Museum, and the curator there is descended from a war general called Mr. No-Hands…

Mr No Hands

“…His name is MR. NO-HEAD!”

Mr. No Head

“Hi there!”

Penny Ling 4

“Frankly, that guy creeps me the heck out!”

“Hey, there’s another animal who lives here: Clip-Clop III!”

Animal Jam Horse

“Yeah, my name’s Clip-Clop. I was named after my grandfather, who was a heroic sentry in the war. Considering that my grandmother’s name was Tippy Toes, I got off lucky!”

“On the 8th floor of Big Green is the Avatar School, where my friends and other mystic powered types attend 2 days a week.”

Avatar School Crest


There, kids socialize, listen to tunes, play mobile games, and on occasion learn how to hone and control their mystical powers and skills.

Skylanders Element Symbols

“You can study Air, Fire, Magic, Earth, Tech, Water and Undead, though the only people who take that up are Goths and emos.”


“Look, I’m all dark and tormented. Wanna make out?”

Elena 5

“Like Shao Lin said, Harmony Day is coming up. The day where we commemorate the end of that old war and the signing of that peace treaty thingy. It kinda lags, since all that runs on TV are documentaries, marathons and mattress sale ads, but the candy’s free that day, so there’s that.”

Yes, most of Hidden Kingdom’s resident nowadays don’t really think much about the ancient conflict that made their current society what it is today, but there’s just as committed to the idea of humans and animals living together in joyous harmony as those original 108 heroes were before them.

Lego Friends Pets

Now you may be wondering: since humans and carnivorous animals no longer hunt or eat other animals, as per the agreement, what do the citizens of Hidden Kingdom eat, exactly?


Well, let’s just say tofu sales have never been better!

Cartoon Country: Littlest Pet Shop Final Season Retrospective



Bye, Blythe.

Today, Hasbro’s animated series Littlest Pet Shop (which airs on the Discovery Family channel) aired it’s last new episode of the season, and in case you haven’t heard, it’s also the last episode of the series. Yes, it’s true; Littlest Pet Shop is canceled. Roger Eschbacher, one of the series’ writers, confirms that there won’t be a 5th season of LPS, and that the decision to pull the plug on the show had to do with toy sales, not ratings. So it wasn’t low ratings, ’twas toy sales that killed the beast.

So in view of this news, I thought that I’d offer my thoughts on LPS and in particular, it’s 4th (and last) season. There’s no need for me to go over the series as a whole, since Damon has written a couple of articles on LPS already, which can be viewed here and here.

To start, I’m going to list my choices for the best and worst episodes of the series. NOTE: I’m not listing these episodes in any particular order, so I won’t be numbering them. That said, let’s go, man, go!

The BEST Episodes:

  • Gailbreak!
  • Penny For Your Laughs
  • Russel Up Some Fun
  • Dumb Dumbwaiter
  • Lights, camera, Mongoose!
  • Sweet (Truck) Ride
  • What Meme Worry?
  • A Day at the Museum

The WORST Episodes:

  • Helicopter Dad
  • The Nest Hat Craze!
  • Two Pets For Two Pests
  • Feud For Thought

Now, some of the highlights from Season 4:

  • No major story arcs or game changing moments for the pets. They’re just there to be cute and funny, which they were.
  • The Bisktit Twins (Whittany & Brittany) became somewhat more human and tolerable this season. They were no longer Blythe’s sworn enemies for no reason, but instead were just mildly annoying. Speaking of…
  • This season, we learn that Whittany & Brittany do indeed have a mother, one Eliza Biskit ( a caricature of Eliza Doolittle, the character played by Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady). Morever, it was implied that Eliza had been around all along and we (the audience) simply had never seen her before. I liked how LPS’ writers turned Eliza’s being off screen as a joke. (“Mom? where have you been the last 3 seasons?”)
  • Youngmee wants a pet of her own this season, and she gets one, a female dog. Not much else happens after that. That plot doesn’t really go anywhere.
  • Mrs. Twombly purchases a piece of land in Downtown City and names it Littlest Pet Street.
  • And finally, we at last learn more about Blythe’s missing mother. We learn that her nickname is/was Betty and that she could also communicate with animals. Blythe receives her mother’s diary from a tortoise named Speedy in the season opener, and this dairy is seen and referred to throughout the season. In the last episode, Blythe finally reveals to her father Roger her ability to communicate with animals, and then he himself reveals to her that he knew about Blythe’s ability all along, and that he also knew that his wife Betty had this ability.



That was an OK twist, but not as good as what I had hoped. Yeah, Blythe finally tells her dad about how she can communicate with animals (about dang time, I say!). She already revealed her secret to her friend Youngmee in season 3, and you have to wonder why Blythe would tell the girl that she’s known for a year or 2 before she told the person who, you know, raised her? As a season finale, “Littlest Pet Street” was OK, not great, but passable. However, as a series finale, this was weak sauce because nothing was concluded. To me, the series should have ended with Blythe finding out that her mom was still alive somewhere and then reuniting with her and/or the Baxters moving away from Downtown City. Damon and I thought that LPS would conclude with Blythe being reunited with her absent mother. We thought that Blythe was going to discover her mother on the desert island and that it would be revealed that Betty wasn’t dead after all, but was just living on the island doing the Dr. Doolittle thing. That may not have made a lot of sense, but it would been a cooler twist than the one that we actually got.

Dennis Miller

“Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here…”

…but I have to say that one thing this show knows how to do is tease it’s audience. LPS’ writers would frequently dangle something in front of it’s audiences’ face like a carrot at the end of your nose, and then pull it away at the last second saying “Just kidding!” I can’t believe that after all those tidbits about Blythe’s mom Betty that were dropped throughout the 4th season the writers still chose not to give Betty a face in the series finale. If Blythe wasn’t going to be reunited with her mother, we could at least gotten to see what Betty looked like via a picture, or a flashback. Give us something, for cryin’ out loud!

Rant over.

Littlest Pet Shop wasn’t a great show, but it was entertaining and fun. LPS’ biggest problem was that it was never able to get out of the shadow of the Hasbro show that preceded it, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Fans were constantly comparing LPS to MLP: FiM, so it was never able to find it’s own voice or establish it’s own identity. I did like how Blythe sported a different hairstyle and outfit in every episode, and I’m glad that she was the only character on the show who did this. If everyone did it, then it would be nothing special. Plus, it would be too much of a hassle for the writers to come up with a new outfit each episode for every single character in the main cast. While I enjoyed LPS, I’m not sorry that the series is ending. Four seasons is a good run. It’s more than many animated series get, and it’s my personal unpopular opinion that NO scripted series should ever go beyond 3 or at the most 4 seasons. I’d rather LPS end while it’s still pretty good than just keep going and going year after year until it becomes a zombie that refuses to stay dead, like some other animated series, but I’m not mentioning any names.


You know who you are.

Hasbro has mentioned that it’s already planning to reboot the Little Pet Shop franchise, and if that happens, a new animated series is likely to follow. We’d like to offer a few suggestions for the new LPS series (if there is one):

  1. It should follow the shorts format. Hasbro, every episode of LPS doesn’t need to be a full 22 minute episode. This show doesn’t need to utilize the half hour story format just because it’s big sister, MLP does. Honestly, many of the LPS seemed padded, so instead we think that each half hour of LPS should consist of two 10 minute shorts or possibly three 7 minute shorts per show.
  2. If Blythe Baxter (or a similar sort of character) is in the LPS reboot series, just have her start out with 2 happily married parents from the get-go. No more of that absent mother BS. I don’t want to go through this crap again.

Overall, I’m giving the series finale of Littlest Pet Shop a 2.5 out of 5. the finale was OK, but it could have been a lot better. I would have preferred that LPS went out with a bang rather than a whimper, but perhaps the rebooted series will be a tad more electric.

So long, Littlest Pet Shop. It’s too bad that there’s officially one less reason tune in to Discovery Family now. There’s nothing left to say except…Hit it, boys!


Cartoon Country: SHS – “Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High!”

Today’s Cartoon Country takes a look at one of my favorite episodes of Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show: episode 18, “Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High!”.

Mutant High 1

This episode’s title card is a parody of the comic book cover for X-Men Vol.2, issue #1, in case anyone’s interested.

Premise: Captain America sends Wolverine back to Xavier Academy to get his diploma and finish his remaining credits. Reptil, being the mutant fanboy that he is (I can relate), tags along to see what Xavier Academy is like and meet the X-Men. To make matters worse, Ringmaster shows up and hypnotizes the entire X-Men team in order to find an Infinity Fractal for Doctor Doom.

I’m not going to bother reviewing this episode or running down everything blow by blow; we don’t do reviews here, and most fans of SHS have already seen this episode a few times already by now (It’s floating around on the internet in various places, so if you haven’t already seen “Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High!”, I’m sure you can find it somewhere in cyberspace). Instead, I’ll just be geeking out over the things I liked about this episode.

Firstly, it centers on the X-Men, one of my favorite Marvel franchises, and it takes place largely at the Xavier Academy, one of my favorite locations within Superhero City.


The Xavier School for Gifted Children. The giant X-shaped roof makes it look cool, although curiously, in this episode the roof of the Academy is gold, rather than the pale slate gray that it’s typically seen as in the establishing shots and opening title sequence.

Also, it’s a Reptil-heavy episode and Reptil’s one of my favorite characters on the show.

Mutant High 6

In Iron Man’s obligatory appearance, he admonishes Reptil for keeping his room like a wild animal (what do you expect from a kid whose power is morphing into dinosaurs?) and insists that Wolverine take the shrimp with him in the hopes that “maybe Xavier can pound some discipline into him.” Reptil’s one of the few ‘kid sidekick’ character who isn’t instantly annoying.

Curiously, the Xavier Academy has the semblance of a stereotypical American public high school rather than the austere private boarding school that it’s usually depicted as. Perhaps this was done intentionally to parody cliched high-school tropes. Given the farcial nature of The Super Hero Squad Show, that wouldn’t surprise me.

The X-Men characters here (Prof. X and his alumni, all, you know, 6 of them) are likewise reminiscent of typical high school archetypes: Iceman is the class clown, Colossus is the somewhat thick but genial jock, Storm (who like Wolvie is only there on a technicality–all of her foreign credits evidently didn’t make it over to the States) is the elegant foreign student, etc.

Mutant High 7

Cyclops is the preppy Class President type who’s “Darn glad to meet ya!” Any kids cartoon that can slip in a National Lampoon’s Animal House reference is A-OK in my book.

And then we come to Jean Grey, here depicted as vain, vapid cheerleader (voiced here by Hynden ‘Starfire/Princess Bubblegum’ Walch) wearing a skimpy cheerleader version of her comics uniform.

SHS Jean Grey


At one point, the Ringmaster (disguised as a lunch lady, don’t ask) hypnotizes Jean…

Mutant High 5

“BOINNGG! I. Am. Totally. Hypnotized.”

And before telekinetically tearing the hallway a new one, she busts out with the perfect cheer:

Mutant High 3

“Call me Phoenix/Call me Jean/Red-haired mutant prom night queen!/I’ll hit you with a mental/hurl/if you call me Marvel Girl!” GO MUTANTS!!”

Beavis & Butt-Head

“Ooh, baby! Huh-huh-huh! Come to Butt-Head!”

“Yeah! Heh-hehe-heh! And then come to me! Heh-heh-heh!”


“How’d you like a face full of laser?”

(Afterwards, Xavier attempted to telepathically erase their brains, but since their heads are already empty, nothing happened.)

Speaking of the Professor, I’ve got to call baloney on the scene where the Ringmaster puts the whammy on Xavier. Charles Xavier is supposed to be THE most powerful telepath on Earth; I get that this is a silly comedic take on the Marvel Universe, but there’s no way that Xavier should’ve been manipulated so easily, especially by a D-List super-villain who specializes in cheap parlor tricks.

Mutant High 2

“Your honuh, I wuz Hyp-Mo-Tized!”

Also, did you notice how Colossus was in his armored form throughout this entire episode? He was metallic in all of the scenes of the Deadpool trailer as well (still haven’t seen the movie yet, forgive me). So is Piotr strictly metallic now? Or were the animators just lazy?

Mutant High 9


The Super Hero Squad Show was basically killed after Disney acquired Marvel. I don’t need for there to be a 3rd season of the show (the Squaddies saved the flippin’ UNIVERSE in season 2, how could they possibly top that? Plus, I liked season 1 a little more since season 2 largely discarded Superhero City–one of my favorite elements of the show–as a backdrop), but one thing I do regret is that we never got another X-Men centered episode. It would have been cool to see some of the mutant characters who never appeared in SHS form on the show, like Angel…

SHS Angel

Or Rogue…

SHS Rogue

..Or Beast.

SHS Beast

Ms. Marvel mentioned Beast in the show’s pilot episode, titled appropriately “And Lo!…A Pilot Shall Come!”, but he never appeared on camera.

Plus, we never got to see Magneto and Xavier appear in an episode together. That might’ve been fun. Or maybe Reptil could’ve met Jubilee; the 2 of them could’ve competed for the role of Wolverine’s teen sidekick or something.

Finally, a word about Angelica Jones, aka Firestar.


Firestar didn’t appear until a season later, in “Too Many Wolverines!”, attending the same class as Reptil and getting paired with him for a science project. Personally, I think it would’ve made more sense for Angelica to have been a student at the Xavier Academy, given that she’s a mutant, but Firestar had to have been in the same class as Reptil, otherwise they wouldn’t have had a story. If only the circumstances had allowed for them to have been classmates at the Academy.

Wolverine & His Amazing Friends

The mind boggles.



Cartoon Country: Dexter’s Lab – Chubby Cheese

Today we’ll be looking back a short from episode 15 of Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory titled “Chubby Cheese”.

Chubby_Cheese title card

The plot has boy genius Dexter (along with his vacuous sister Dee-Dee) being taken by their parents to Chubby Cheese, an obvious parody of the Chuck E. Cheese’s family pizza restaurant chain, complete with games, pizza and cartoon mascots. Of course, the coldly logical Dexter is having none of this frivolity, but his family are all too hopped up on happy to notice this. Dexter soon afterwards sets his sights on winning tickets for a Monkey (from ‘Dial M for Monkey’) doll at a machine, where he uses a sophisticated device of his own design in order to rig the machine to obtain it.

Chubby Cheese 2

Chubby Cheese

The highlight of this short (for me, anyway) is the restaurant’s intentionally tacky stage show which is performed by a grotesque, bloated animatronic rat mascot (voiced by Rob Paulsen) with mechanical puppets telling bad jokes and singing an inane song to a wildly appreciative audience.

Chubby Cheese 3

Is it possible to catch fleas from an animatron?

The show also features a veritable galaxy of Hanna-Barbera funny animal characters from the 1950s, 60s and 70s as animatrons. It takes a keen eye to spot them all.

Chubby Cheese 4

Here are the ones that I noticed:

  • Squiddly Diddly
  • Hair Bear (from The Hair Bear Bunch)
  • Boo-Boo
  • Paw Rugg (from The Hillbilly Bears)
  • Breezly Bruin
  • Sneezly Seal
  • Peter Potamus
  • So-So
  • Punkin’ Puss
  • Mush Mouse
  • The Great Grape Ape

Fun Fact: Did you know that the “E” in Chuck E. Cheese’s name stands for “Entertainment”? That the mascot’s full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese? Well now you do.

The More You Know

Cartoon Country: Who’s Got the Power? (Not the Retro-Snobs)

It has begun.

PPG 2016

Yesterday, the long-awaited and much talked about reboot of The Powerpuff Girls made its’ nationwide debut on Cartoon Network (though clips and snippets of the show have been leaked across various places on the net prior to that). Let’s examine what’s changed in Townsville since the Girls’ original series ended in 2005.Powerpuff-girls-2016The Girls sport slightly modified designs; Bubbles now sports barrettes in her hair, Buttercup now has a cowlick and Blossom has a more rounded bow.

  • The titular heroines have new voice actresses: Amanda Leighton voices Blossom, Kristen Li voices Bubbles and Natalie Palamides voices Buttercup.
  • The Girls are a little older this time around, attending elementary school rather than kindergarten.
  • The series sports a new opening title sequence and a new theme song, “Who’s Got the Power?”, performed by Tacocat.
  • And of course, as is the natural order of things, 90’s kids who grew up with the original PPG series are losing their collective shit over this reboot.

Predictably, the Retro-Snobs and 90’s brats are relentlessly trashing this new version of PPG, shouting the rallying cry of the stupid and falsely entitled:

Little Lord Fauntleroy


So your childhood’s ruined now, eh? How, exactly? How has this one new iteration of a children’s cartoon show that wasn’t made for you and that you’re not required by law to even look at ruined your childhood? ‘Splain this to me. The producers of this show didn’t travel back in time to mess with you when you were a kid, nor has Cartoon Network locked away any and all copies of the original PPG into their vaults vowing to never release them and are forcing us all to accept this new iteration as the One True Canon, so precisely how has your childhood been ruined, Precious?

The following are actual quotes of reactions to the PPG reboot:


“Sorry, but it turns out to be a really cringey cartoon with terrible jokes on the same level as Teen Titans Go!

Were we watching the same cartoon? Because I’ve seen both shows and I didn’t get a TTGO! vibe from this at all. This new PPG series does have something in common with TTGO!, though; the fact that the new series tends to cloud fans’ memories of the original. It amazes me how people seem to remember the original Powerpuff Girls as being this serious action cartoon when it was never that. News flash: PPG has ALWAYS been a comedy! So how is the reboot insulting the franchise by having comedy in it? The PPG reboot didn’t remind me of TTGO! We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one.


“I’d enjoy this new show more if it had the original theme song and the original voice actors.”

TRANSLATION: It’s not a carbon copy of the original series, so I hate it!

In regards to the intro, PPG’s producers most likely gave the reboot a new theme song and intro so that kids would know that these are new episodes. If CN had just recycled the original opening title sequence, kids would likely have seen it, thought “Geez! These are just the same old reruns that I could see anytime on Boomerang!” and switch it off. In regards to the new voice actors:


People SERIOUSLY need to stop having puppies over the fact that the original voice actresses have been replaced for this show. For whatever reason, it happened, and guess what: the planet hasn’t spun off its’ axis as a result. The Powerpuff Girls are voiced by different actresses now, deal with it, nerds. For anyone who’s still butt-raged about the new PPG voice actors, I suggest you read this.

And then there’s this gem from a YouTube commentor in response to the new theme song:

Bad Luck Schleprock

“I feel like killing myself sometimes.”

Seriously, dude? After reading this sentence, I wanted badly to drop kick this loser to someplace with some actual pain and suffering. If the theme song to a kids’ cartoon show is enough for you to contemplate suicide, I’m surprised that you haven’t offed yourself a long time ago. If you’re that resistant to change, I’m guessing that people had to talk you down off of a roof when Google changed it’s font.

People are also wanking on the show because the producers aren’t bringing back all of the original villains! (Blasphemers!) Several of the episodes deviate from the old show’s formula! (Why, God, Why?) The Girls use cellphones! (GASP!) And…horror of horrors…


In one episode they were shown to be fans of a BOY BAND!!!

Homer Scream


Allow me to address each of these heinous crimes individually:

  1. Regarding the story structure: I don’t mind this because the standard “The City of Townsville/And the day is saved!” formula was, quite frankly, getting a little old. Nothing wrong with a little variety here and there.
  2. Regarding the cellphones: it actually makes sense, given that the Girls are the protectors of Townsville, as such, they can be called into action from anywhere at anytime, so it’s only logical for each of them to have a mobile device as opposed to just one single land-based hotline. Besides, it’s really not that unusual, since kids play with tablets. Lots of kids these days own a portable electronic device of some kind. The reason why you never saw anyone using a hand held mobile device in the 1990s show was because hand helds weren’t a thing back then. Yeah, there were cell phones, but they hadn’t progressed to the point that they are now.
  3. Regarding the boy band episode: Yeah! How dare those writers depict these young girls doing things that plenty of young girls do! The nerve! Let’s just tar and feather the sods!

The thing that these 90’s brats and nostalgia-tards need to keep in mind is that this reboot, like everything currently airing on Cartoon Network, is for THIS generation, not THEIRS. You had your time to be coddled by CN; right now the channel’s target demographic is people who are kids now, not people who were kids 20 years ago. Franchises like Scooby-Doo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get rebooted every few years, this is no different. And whenever a project gets rebooted for a new generation, there are going to be some changes. Did anyone honestly think that PPG was going to come back after an 11-year absence without the original creator and there’d be absolutely NO changes made to it? The irony to all this so delicious that it must be fattening. Nostalgia-tards beg networks like CN to reboot something they grew up watching, they do, but since it’s not a 100% rehash of the original, these same wankers brand it a failure, accuse it of raping their youths and declare it not worth watching.

hardy har har

“Its not the same. Oh dear, oh my. All is lost, things will never be the same, woe is all of us 90’s kids and our poor little nostalgic hearts not being satisfied!”

If this new series isn’t to your liking, simply DON’T WATCH IT. If you prefer the original PPG series, WATCH THE ORIGINAL SERIES. Really, CN doesn’t care what you do, since this series wasn’t made for you anyway. Getting back to Teen Titans GO! for a second, I know that TTGO! has now become adults’ go-to reference whenever anything on CN pops up that they don’t like, and I’m no TTGO! fan either, but there’s something these folks are forgetting: the reason that TTGO! stays on the air is because, wait for it….KIDS LIKE IT. I know that’s a really hard concept for some 90’s brats to grasp, but you guys aren’t kids. In the end, it’ll only matter if kids take to this new PPG. If the show does badly with them, then and only then will the bad, bad reboot go away.

Personally, what I’ve seen of this show so far hasn’t rocked my world, but I didn’t hate it either. I could see myself watching this for a half-hour (or quarter-hour) and not complaining about it, but at the same time I understand that this series wasn’t made for me; it’s just like whenever 90’s kids hear me say that I wasn’t a fan of Hey, Arnold!: the show didn’t appeal to me personally, but I was already an adult in the 90’s, so I was too old for it. Plus, I generally prefer zanier cartoons, so a grounded show like Hey, Arnold! was never going to do anything for me anyway. FTR, I was a Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and Rocko’s Modern Life guy.

My advice: forget that it’s new. Forget that it’s a reboot. Try to detach yourself from your precious memories of the original. Just watch the show for yourself, judge it on its’ own merits and draw your own conclusion. I give the new PPG a B-. Nothing mind-blowing, but still pretty good in it’s own right and by no means a blasphemy on the original, which, lest we forget, wasn’t always that good, especially the post-movie episodes.

The changes don’t bother me, and I’m personally digging the new theme. Crank it up, man!