Yearly Wrap-Up 2018


Regular followers of Twinsanity know the drill here: this is the last blog post of the year, wherein we give a summation of what the year’s been like for us, and give you guys a brief update of what to expect from Twinsanity in the upcoming year. December 2nd is admittedly pretty early to be doing the annual wrap-up, but if you’ve been following us you know why this in all likelihood will be the final blog post we’re going to make in 2018, and possibly beyond aside from news and site updates (hey, like this one!).

First, the unpleasant stuff: some unexpected life events from late 2017 (none of which relate directly to the site so I’d prefer to not disclose them here, hope you understand) spilled over into 2018, which made putting up content challenging, to put it mildly. I’m not going to lie, 2018 was not a very good year for me overall; things got so chaotic for us that we both felt it was necessary to take a temporary break from blogging until things chilled out for us in real life. It was an emotional roller coaster nightmare.

While we were on hiatus, one of the things that got me through this rough patch…


Aside from my newfound love of Electronic Dance Music…

..was watching videos from my favorite content creators. Big ups to Phelan Porteous, Allison Pregler, Tony Goldmark, Andre Meadows, Trent Troop & Greg Sepelak, Charlie and Hailey Callahan, Bob Chipman, Doug and Rob Walker,  Lewis Lovhaug, James Rolfe, Chris Stuckmann and DigiValentine. You guys don’t know me, but you all helped me get through a difficult period in my life. Not only that, but you also helped to re-ignite my creative spirit. Thanks for that.

When things finally calmed down, we thought we could just go back to blogging and everything would be business as usual; we posted some blog posts, even started a new segment (Brain Candy) and started new What The Funny and Pop Dream segments, only to discover that we’d been bitten by the video bug and were no longer interested in continuing the standard text format. We had been planning to upgrade this site and its’ content for some time, and our lack of enthusiasm for blogging has only served to reinforce that notion. 2019 will the year that Twinsanity makes the jump from text to video.

I’m not going to elaborate on what we’re planning to do video-wise since we’ve already covered this in the last 2 posts. I will however, give you the latest news on how all that is going: the good news is that our brother Chaz, himself a YouTuber (his channel can be found here–please check him out, like, share, subscribe and all that good stuff) has graciously offered to assist us in our venture, showing us how to edit and so forth, and in return we’ll be helping him out, as he wants to put up more content and additional editors will definitely benefit him in that regard. The bad news is that with the ebb and flow of schedules and funds being what they are, compounded by these freaking holidays on top of that, you definitely won’t be seeing any of the new stuff until next year, but it’s not like we haven’t been doing any work during this period, we most certainly have; new Twinsanity material is coming, we promise. Just be patient.

As stated elsewhere previously, when Twinsanity returns and the videos start coming out, we’ll also be changing the theme (as in appearance, not content) of the site; it turns out that the theme we’re currently using (Shaan) has been retired, so it’s fortunate that we were planning to change the theme anyway.

To sum up, once again thank you to all who have stuck with us and our craziness. We really appreciate your viewership, patience, comments and input. My hope is for 2019 to be a much better, more stable and more productive year for us and the Twinsanity, and if all goes well, we’ll realize our dream of making Twinsanity bigger and better than it’s ever been before. So since we likely won’t be posting anything new until after January, we hope you all have a happy holiday season and a safe and prosperous new year.


Keep on groovin’.

What We’re Working On

Howdy, y’all.

Just wanted to keep you guys abreast of where we are in the big Twinsanity makeover, and give you a little hint on what to expect when Twinsanity re-emerges as a vlog/video channel.

To start with, in our time off from blogging I’ve been starting to draw again (I used to draw a lot, but my time/life schedule hasn’t always been accommodating) and we have some non-Twinsanity related writing projects on the back burner which we’re starting to get done. That’s a good thing.

Scripts and concepts for the videos are currently being written and developed. Many of the stuff we have planned are some of the things we’ve previously done as blog posts but in video form (indeed, a lot of what we’ve published in the past few years were originally conceived as videos, but had to be modified to fit the text format; this is one reason for the change, we’re not thinking and conceiving concepts in the blog format anymore. Several of the blog posts that we’ve made will be remade as videos, as they were initially conceived), while others are things that we simply don’t want to do or can’t be done as text posts.

As Jason has noted previously, when we start producing videos regularly, we will also be upgrading the site’s look and theme, something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, however the site’s URL will remain the same; unlike before when we moved from Blogger to WordPress, you guys won’t have to memorize a new address. We’ll still be at

Here’s a brief run-through of what to expect from the core video segments. Keep in mind that everything is in an early stage right now, so names and things are still being decided; these concepts could undergo a dozen changes before reaching their final forms:

  • For some time now, we’ve wanted to do a video series reminiscent of Allison Pregler’s Movie Nights or Bob Chipman’s In Bob We Trust/The Big Picture or Brad Jones’ DVD-R Hell. This segment will most likely be Cartoon Country. The transitioning of Reviews on the Run (remember that?) to Cartoon Country was very similar to Allison’s revamping of Obscurus Lupa Presents to Movie Nights; like before, Cartoon Country will not be formal, scene-by-scene, blow-by-blow reviews, but rather more laid back and casual, like a couple of friends just kicking it and talking about their favorite cartoons. As before, Cartoon Country need not always be an overview of an entire series, it can just be about a single episode of a show or even just one scene from an episode.
  • The other animation-centric segments, such as Talkin’ Nerdy, Beyond the Background, The Retro Bin, The Cartoon Couch, TV Special Showdown, Unpopular Opinions et al, will remain basically the same, they’ll just be done in video format. Regarding TV Special Showdown: one thing in particular that we’d like to do with that is do more Saturday Morning preview specials. Kind of a tricky thing because few of them exist online, but nonetheless it’s something we’d like to do.
  • Regarding What The Funny, Pop Dream and Brain Candy: I regret pulling the latest installments of these out so early. Our original plan was that we were going to continue blogging through the remainder of the year, but in short order even that became questionable. If we had known that the Blog Burnout was going to occur so soon, we wouldn’t have busted out with these this year. I feel sorry for Brain Candy; it’s a good idea, but it had the unfortunate timing to be born at a time when the blog format was really starting to run dry. We have other Brain Candies in the works, and they will be presented, but all the subsequent Brain Candies will be done as videos rather than text posts. Same deal with the Regular Show What The Funny and the Animal Jam Pop Dream: we did the first installments of each in text form, and we do plan to continue each, but the remainders of those will be videos. Also, when Pop Dream and What The Funny make the transition to video form, we won’t be numbering them any longer.
  • No offense to Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic), Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara) or Eric Rodriguez (The Blockbuster Buster), but we won’t be incorporating stories, sagas or ongoing narratives in our “reviews” (I put this in quotes because I don’t consider what we do to be reviews in the conventional sense, what we do isn’t so much reviewing something as it’s just us goofing around, geeking out, nitpicking, cracking wise and making jokes, but we call them “reviews” because that’s the language people use; I don’t know if there is a proper term for what we do); those guys are good at what they do and it’s cool that they’re doing what they want, but our videos don’t need to be mini-movies nor do we need or want to be intergalactic superheroes saving the internet from the multiverse or whatever. If we want to do fiction or stories, we’ll do them as their own separate thing. Indeed, we considered doing original comedy sketches and miscellaneous skits, which would be the new format of 2 Funny.
  • We will also be continuing with Toon Adjacent, which was inspired by (and will be a sort of hybrid of) Phelan Porteous’ Bootleg Zone/Miraculous Merchandise Zone and Tony Goldmark’s Some Jerk with a Camera and State of the Parks. Like before, on Toon Adjacent we’ll be spotlighting toys, collectibles, merchandise, theme park attractions, stage shows etc. which are based on cartoons. Jason and I used to buy collectibles and action figures a lot, and have been thinking about starting up that hobby again, so why not make a video series out of it?
  • Videots will also be transitioned into video format. There may be some entries reminiscent of Ryan Molina’s Awesome Video Game Memories, but they will mainly be video versions of the later Videots installments focusing on video game aesthetics such as Favorite Stages, Favorite Levels, Favorite Power-Ups, Favorite Game Music, etc., as I’m particularly proud of those. One new video game theme segment we have planned was inspired by a pilot that Bob Chipman made called Game Watch; Bob (so far) uploaded 2 of these, and I don’t know if he has any plans to do more, but we like the idea and plan to do something similar. In it, we watch a playthrough of a game, during which we joke, comment and display trivial facts about said game and other stuff. We’re calling this segment Geeks on Games. A new (sort of) video game themed segment I have in the planning is something I’m calling Engrish Lit. Inspired a segment of the late series X-Play called Shocking! with Shad Grimgravy, on Engrish Lit I will be reading Engrish mis-translations of game cinemas, street signs etc. as though they were Shakespearean monologues. I want to emphasize that I am no way trying to make fun of Japanese people with this segment, I’m poking fun at the Engrish being lost in translation, the segment is not meant to be a knock against Asians. Engrish Lit will be short, filler videos to tide folks over while we work on the bigger stuff. Another possible filler segment I have planned is me reading Rufus quotes from Street Fighter 4, similar to the Videots I did years ago called The Wit an’ Wisdom o’ Rufus, but unlike that, I won’t be reading them all at once, as that would just get boring, instead I’ll read one quote per installment. (Ironically, that post was one of the first signs to me that maybe the blog format wasn’t the way for us to go; I never felt that came off properly as a text post.)
  • A new segment we’re working on is a riff segment, though it won’t be presented in the traditional MST3K style, with the film playing and our voices heard over it; ours would be done similar to the openings of Mike Jeavons’ Infomercialism: show a clip of something, cut to us making a joke about it, cut back to another clip, cut back to us joking, repeat. Right now we’re calling this segment Laff Riot. Like with Nerdvana, The subjects of Laff Riot can be anything: a cartoon short, an episode of a TV show, a short film, a commercial, anything. The only thing I’d like to avoid riffing on is 50’s educational films, because everybody riffs on those.
  • We’re also kicking around the prospect of doing a segment inspired by the YouTube channels Defunctland and Restaurant Rewind, in which we look at retail chains, stores and ad campaigns of the past. We don’t have a name for this segment yet.
  • Another new segment idea is inspired by some of Andre Meadows (Black Nerd)’s videos, in which we go on location to a particular spot or attraction and engage with said spot. We’re tentatively calling this segment The Sweet Spot. (The only other name we have for it is Coolopolis.)
  • Finally, we plan to have partially unscripted vlogs called Beware the Bros, in which we just ramble and talk about stuff of interest. These are inspired by the Walker Brothers’ Sibling Rivalry and Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop’s Under the Table.

When will these videos come out? I can’t say for certain, but ideally I’d like to for them to be ready for viewing by 2019, first quarter 2019 preferably.

How often will we be uploading videos? Again, can’t say for certain, but ideally I’d like to put up a minimum of 1 video a month or at least every 2 months. I realize that videos take longer to produce, as they have to be written, recorded, edited and uploaded, but I’m going to try to not get locked into the whole YouTube algorithm thing. I’ve even considered creating a Patreon account.

Bear with us, folks. I know it’s annoying just slogging through these text posts; I know you’re wondering “When are they going to post something entertaining, with visuals, jokes and stuff?”. When we upgrade the site, we plan to have a blog section, which we’ll use to archive all the stuff we’ve done up to now for those who wish to revisit those, but going forward the funny stuff with jokes and images and clips will be videos and vlogs, not text blog posts. Future blog posts will mainly just be stuff like this, site news and updates. This is where Twinsanity’s headed. It’s work, I know, but the blog format just isn’t doing it for us anymore. We both feel like we’ve hit a wall with the blog format; it’s become too limiting and restrictive for what we want to do creatively, and although we tried to bounce back after returning from our self-imposed hiatus, we can no longer escape the feeling that we want to express ourselves in a different, more vibrant way. Twinsanity as just a blog has run its’ course; neither of us wish to stop working on Twinsanity, we just want to continue doing it in a different medium.

If I tried to do an ‘old-style’ blog post now, it wouldn’t be very good ’cause I’m just not feeling it, the enthusiasm just isn’t there anymore, and I’m not going to phone in that kind of blog post just for the sake of putting something up here. We have to do what we want to do creatively. It’s like JG Quintel said, you have to make the stuff you want to see, not what you think other people want to see. It’s way too much work making something you’re not even into.

Twinsanity’s New Groove

This is a sort of addendum to what was discussed in the 2016 Yearly Wrap-Up. I just wanted to explain where where at as far as where this blog is going and (hopefully) will be going in 2017.


This won’t be in any way cryptic or final. However, I may ramble a bit, which I plan to address a little later on.

Both Damon and myself will explaining our plans for Twinsanity’s future, so to avoid confusion, after this passage, Damon’s thoughts will be posted in blue, while mine will be typed in purple.

First, let me say that overall, I don’t plan on making any dramatic changes to the blog. Twinsanity will still be comedy focused. It will still be animation focused and it will still be geek culture focused. None of that will change. However, I’m going to be taking a vacation from typing stuff about comic book super heroes for a while. I just feel like I’ve been talking about that particular subject far too often and I just want to to blog about other subjects besides that. I haven’t written a Cartoon Country in a while. I was on a roll there for a while, then I just kind of stopped. Not to boast, but since I pretty much saved that segment from oblivion, I really would like to get back into writing those. They’re enjoyable.

A couple of years ago, I planned to start a 2nd blog that I was going to call The Mash-Up, in which I would basically blog about whatever was on my mind at the time. Some of the current segments here, such as Toons & Tunes and Nerdvana were originally planned for that blog, but I decided that it would be easier to simply write the stuff that I planned for The Mash-Up here at Twinsanity, and that worked fine for the most part, except that as of late I feel as though far too many of my posts here have just been me picking a subject and giving a series of random thoughts about it, as opposed to Damon, who pitches TV show pilots, imaginative settings and mini synopses for animated movies and franchises. The random thoughts posts are OK, but I don’t want that to be the main thing that I’m known for doing because I know that I can be more creative than that. The random thoughts posts were only intended to be filler segments to keep the blog active while we were working on something bigger or for when each of us has an idea for the same segment in the works and we don’t want both of them appearing back-to-back. I fell into complacency with the random thoughts posts because they’re so easy to make, but they don’t require a lot of creativity, so from now on, I’m going to put a limit on the amount of time that I post the random thoughts posts. The 2 Funny, Toons & Tunes and musical Nerdvana posts won’t disappear from the site entirely; I’m still going to do them, but now they’re only going to be utilized as filler, the way that they were originally intended to be.

On a semi-related note, in regards to that Talkin’ Nerdy installment titled “What the What, PPG Reboot?!?” that I did a few months back, I hope that you enjoyed that, because that’s the last time that I’ll be talking about Powerpuff Girls 2016 on this blog. I haven’t been watching PPG 2016 after the initial 2 weeks of it’s debut, and after dedicating three posts to the show, I’ve literally run out of things to say about it. I’m tired of talking about that damn reboot!  Plus, I was never a PPG fanboy to begin with, so please stop asking me what I think of it.

This year, I’m going to find some new subject matter to focus on (hereinafter referred to as the “groove”) and these will among the main things that I’ll be writing about this year. I don’t know what it is is that I’ll be grooving on as of right now, but I’ll know what it is when I find it, or more accurately when it finds me. The What The Funny segments that I started last year is an indication of what’s to come (incidentally, I’m not done with those, not by a long shot. I’m going to cover two more Rocko’s Modern Life shorts before moving on a to a different show or franchise. I wasn’t able to write WTF #4 last month the way I had intended to, but it will definitely be written in January). The more imaginative posts take longer to make, but they make for a better end result.

So to sum up: I plan for my 2017 posts to be more focused and creatively driven. The random thoughts posts will kept to a minimum and only used as filler segments and no more comic book super hero stuff, as least not for a little while. Maybe after I’ve done a sufficient amount of other stuff, I’ll revisit that subject, but only afterwards.

Finally, with luck, 2017 will be the year that we finally began the process of transitioning Twinsanity from a blog to a website. It feels like we’ve been talking about doing that forever, but I’m hoping that this year we can at last put those plans into effect.

I’ve already outlined several of my plans for Twinsanity 2017 in the Yearly Wrap-Up, but nonetheless there are a few specifics which I feel I probably missed that need addressing.

Like how Broadway types feel about theater, I view Twinsanity as practically a living, breathing entity, something which needs to be nurtured and cared for in order for it to be its’ best. While I don’t wish to lose sight of Twinsanity’s overall focus–a site wherein Jason and I joke about, goof on, examine, comment on, analyse and generally geek out on animation and geek stuff–I’ve been wanting to expand this blog, its’ range of subject matter, its’ style and my own personal contributions to it, for some time. There are things I’d like to do more of and things I’d like to do less of.

While 2016 was notably not a very good year for me (not just for the reasons it wasn’t a good year for the planet as a whole, but for my own personal reasons as well), there were some bright spots: I don’t like to toot my own horn, but some of the posts I made in the last year or so that I’m particularly proud of were ‘Superhero City: A Visitiors’ Guide’, ‘A Touch of Magix’, ‘Hero: 108 – Fast Forward’, my recent Videots entries, the Cartoon Country I did on “Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High!”, the TV Special Showdowns on Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family and Nickelodeon’s Thanksgiving Fest and of course the Pop Dreams. (And no, I haven’t abandoned those: I still have 2 more Barbie Sisters Pop Dreams left to do, the former I plan to put up sometime this month, and the latter hopefully in February, after which the plan is to launch another series of Pop Dreams but center on a completely different show, franchise and set of characters.) I would like to do more posts like those aforementioned (again, I’m itching to “GO BIG” this year), realizing that the more detailed posts take time, so it may be at the risk of reducing the number of posts that I make in an average month, but that’s OK if it results in a better quality end product. Like I’m always saying, Quality over Quantity. I’d be fine with only making 1 post a month if said post kicked a lot of ass; I’d rather be brilliant and infrequent than forced and regular. (It also helps that there are 2 of us contributing material to the site, if Jason does a post a month and I do a post a month, that’s still 2 posts, which is the minimum number of posts we try to make.) Also, I haven’t done a Cartoon Country in a while, I’d like to get back to doing more of those.

Second, you may have noticed that I haven’t put up a 2 Funny, Toons & Tunes or a music video embed (hereinafter referred to as a Musical Nerdvana) in a while; my last Toons & Tunes was in September and my last musical Nerdvana was in October; this is intentional. Over the past years or so, I feel that I’ve become too dependent on those, a trap that was easy to fall into since those are so much simpler to make, so I would frequently posts those just to keep the site active and keep post counts high, but no more. I will no longer just be putting up video embeds with minimal descriptions and passing them off as my content for the month; those segments were intended to be filler segments between the bigger posts and a way to prevent 2 of the same segment from being posted back-to-back, and that’s solely how I’ll be utilizing them from now on. Expect less of those in the future, except as buffers between larger segments.

Finally, if there’s one thing I’m genuinely disappointed with myself about is that so far I haven’t been able to escape doing posts about superheroes, despite my wanting to expand my horizons from that. Last year I made a post called “The Animal Factor” which I had planned to be a tad more ambitious, sort of a Hero:108/Littlest Pet Shop/Animal Crossing kind of thing with a sci-fi twist, but it ended up being yet another superhero-wanking post. (I may make a 2nd attempt at “The Animal Factor” if I can properly get my thoughts together on it.) This coming year I’m going to make a conscious effort to reduce the number of superhero-themed posts I make; as of this writing, I’m taking a self-imposed break from superhero posts, effective until ????. I may do another one somewhere down the line, but right now I’d like to branch out and explore other subject matter. Ideally, I’d like to get a comfortable backlog of non-superhero posts, say, about 3 to 4 months worth, before I do another superhero themed post.

As a sidebar to that, as of this writing I won’t be devoting any more posts to DC Super Hero Girls. I still like the show and I’ll continue to watch it, but I won’t be doing any more blog posts about it here. As previously stated, I’m trying to expand my subject matter beyond superheroes, plus I’ve given that show enough free publicity already; I was starting to feel like this was becoming a DCSHG fan site, which was never my intent.

I’d really like to find some new, interesting subject matter to make decent posts about, i.e. a New Groove. As of this writing I don’t know what the new Groove will be, but I’m hoping it can help take Twinsanity to an all-new level, which has been my overriding goal for a while now.

State of Twinsanity Address – August 2016

The following is a State of the Site Address, discussing the present and future events for Twinsanity.

2 Logo

Salutations, y’all.

Just thought I’d give our followers a (fairly) little heads-up as to what we’re working on currently for the site, and what to expect from us in the upcoming weeks and months.

First off, I realize that the output these past 2 months or so has been a tad sporadic. This has been kind of a roller-coaster summer for us; nothing really serious or dramatic has happened, thankfully, but a lot of dumb and inconvenient things have been going on in our everyday lives, and as a result, we haven’t been able to devote as much time to making stuff for the site as we’d like. Hopefully, things will calm down a bit in the upcoming months so we can devote more time to production. Also, currently we have a lot of ideas and potential ideas in the works, just not a lot of them are ready to be presented yet. Quality takes time, and again, things have been kind of nuts offline, so bear with us. Creativity is like running a marathon: when you run 10, 15 or 20 mils, you have to stop and walk for a little while before getting back up to speed. We’re in a walking period right now.

Here’s what you can expect in the immediate future, i.e., the next few weeks or by or around next month:

  • I’m working on a Videots similar to Favorite Fighting Game Stages, but this time it’ll be just for 1 game specifically, Marvel VS Capcom. I’ll be giving my thoughts and feelings on my favorite stages from that game (or maybe I’ll just do a personal breakdown of all the game’s stages, since there are only like 8 of them in total).
  • Jason is working on a Cartoon Country for the syndicated animated series, Bionic Six.
  • I may be doing a Why (Blank) is Awesome! for the character Videl from Dragon Ball Z. NOTE: this entry won’t feature any references or allusions to Dragon Ball Super, because I don’t watch that show.
  • On the subject of Dragon Ball/DBZ, Jason may be doing an Unpopular Opinion about Ch-Chi from DBZ.
  • We have 2 future TV Special Showdowns in the works: one for The Charmkins, a syndicated special based on an 80’s toy line, and another for the Tiny Toons Spring Break Special. Both of these will ready at ??? (the TV Special Showdowns in general take longer to produce than the average segments, since they’re one-and-done specials rather than on going series so they require more digging for proper information, images and clips), but we already have some material for each.
  • I have a possible Commentary entitled “Stuff We Just Don’t Dig”, in which we list some of our least favorite story lines, tropes, character types and cliches; however, I seem to have a hard time getting motivated to actually write it. I’d much rather spend my time and energy geeking out about things I enjoy rather than ranting about things I don’t. I prefer to simply ignore the stuff I’m not fond of, which is probably why this particular entry is taking so long to do; I prefer the positive stuff.

Also, there will be considerably less articles about superheroes in the upcoming months. Why? In the wake of the big superhero boom, we’re both kind of Caped out, and we’ve been wanting to focus more attention on our first love: comedy, so future installments will be more focused on comedy cartoons and toyetic cartoons. Earlier this month I did a Nerdvana entry on the Animal Factor, which, while not bad, wasn’t really what I wanted to do; I really didn’t want to go all superhero-ey with it. I had another Nerdvana about the Tech Factor which I still may do one day, but that one will not be so superhero focused. (I may also take another shot at the Animal Factor, if I can do an article for it that doesn’t feature superheroes so heavily.) Maybe we’ll get a renewed interest in Supers once the next big comic book movie comes or or when Justice League Action premieres next year, but for now, look for the primary focus of Twinsanity to be comedy over superhero stuff.

Now, on the more distant stuff, the things which are presently (as of this writing) still on the back burner. Jason has mentioned that he is planning to do a mini-series of articles of sorts,  the subject of which will be more specific than say Cartoon Country or Wild World of Shows. These would be devoted to a single show, studio or genre in particular instead of being about cartoons in general, such as Rocko’s Modern Life or Chowder or something along those lines. These will likely be split into multiple parts (multiple in this case being about 3 or 4 posts instead of one long one).  Right now, he’s calling it something like ‘Humorosity’, ‘What The Funny?’ or ‘Laff Riot’, but that may not be its’ final name. Also, this mini-series will be done in addition to the regular segments, not instead of them.

By an amazing coincidence (great minds think alike, after all) I too was thinking about typing a multi-part side-segment to run alongside the usual segments: inspired by Digi Valentine’s Who Dat?, originally it was going to be in-depth analyses (with jokes, of course) of my favorite characters, sort of a more detailed Why (Blank) is Awesome!, but that was too general and not far enough away from what we already do here–I wanted to do something even more specific than that, so now it’ll likely be a series of posts about characters from a particular franchise or studio, like a series of entries on each Barbie sister or a series on each one of the Alpha Masters from Animal Jam, something like that. Right now I’m calling this idea ‘Pop Dream’, ‘Pop Dreams’ or ‘Pop Dreaming’, but its’ final name and what it’s going to about remains to be seen.

Finally, look for some more original fiction ideas in the upcoming months. Last year I thought of doing an entry which was basically my take on Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, centering on a toyetic toon girl, her unique home and her family. (Earlier I had tried an article called “Family Business”, about a family of adventurers a la the Fantastic Four, the Bionic Six or the Secret Saturdays, but the less said about that, the better; I’ve been driven to make up for that previous terrible entry by making a better one, this one with no association whatsoever with superheroes.) While that idea was still in development, I did the articles “Hero: 108 – Fast Forward” and the Videots/Wild World of Shows for Viva Pinata, and began grooving on National Geographic’s Animal Jam, which put me in the mood to do something tropical: my researching of the Viva Pinata game in particular (specifically the bits involving the human family and their garden) reminded me of stuff like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but with a tropical island theme; in addition, each of us enjoyed Jason’s “The Future Rocks!” Nerdvana so much that we’d like to do a follow-up entry in that same setting, only focusing on a specific set of characters this time. Presently the Dream House idea has grown a little to fit those parameters; it’s now sort of Meet the Robinsons mixed with Swiss Family Robinson. I can’t say when it’ll be ready, but I have more for it now that I did before.

Similarly, Jason likewise has a previously written sub-par article that he’d like to improve upon. It was “Build Your Own Watterson Family” and it was so unmemorable that he didn’t keep it on the site. He plans to take another stab at this idea, but do it right this time. He has some ideas with the same basic premise; a toon kid and her quirky but lovable family, but now this will take place in a distinctive setting and it will have a sci-fi/fantasy twist of some kind.

If by some miracle these OC articles blossom and grow into full-blown stories and we get into a groove in which we start producing them on a fairly regular basis (say, about one or twice a month), then we may launch a separate spinoff blog for the original fiction. As always, Stay Tooned.