2 Funny: The Haunted Heist

Remember The Groovie Ghoulies? No? Well, how about the people over 40? Do you remember? Good. Here’s an installment of the Ghoulie get together which was weird even by this shows’ standards. A short entitled “The Haunted Heist”. Enjoy.

I really wonder what the guys at Filmation stirred in their coffee.

2 thoughts on “2 Funny: The Haunted Heist

  1. Wow, that short raises so many questions, where to start?

    1. So Horrible Hall just happens to have a mirror that makes cartoon characters into live actors with obviously dubbed voices? 'Kay.

    2. What did Hauntleroy want with Wolfie's guitar in the first place? Did he actually plan to use it for something, or was he just taking it to screw with the Ghoulies?

    3. Why did Mad Mirror Land resemble a Western landscape and ghost town? Just to set up that song? Kinda random.

    4. About 3/4 in, Frankie slams his fist on the ground, and the resulting tremor causes Hauntleroy to drop the guitar. And he didn't do that at first because…?


  2. 1. Obviously, though it was a 1-shot.
    2. Hauntleroy is a jackass.
    3. Mad Mirror Land could be anything, depending on the sitch. I think this was later reused in Daffy Duck & Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies, IMSM.
    4. He didn't think of it right away. Frankie was always portrayed as being a little slow-witted.


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